19 Nov

ACEEE Ranks States on Energy Efficiency

Energy Boom

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently released its State Energy Efficiency Scorecard,a …

15 Nov

Dubai and Persian Gulf States Look To Renewable Energy

Green Prophet

It all sounds very grandiose and really too good to betrue, but a number of  …

30 Oct

EU states failing to support critical renewable energy investment

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

LONDON, UK: According to a new report published by London ResearchInternational (LRI) "The European Renewable …

24 Oct

America’s Most Energy-Efficient States


Energy efficiency has achieved an unprecedented level of recognitionin the United States over the past …

05 Oct

SolarWorld Plans Expansion

Greentech Media

SolarWorldplans to expand its solar panel production in the United States whilealso boosting its solar …

12 Sep

Sunpower Plans American Solar Plant In 2010 (SPWRA)

Greentech Media

SunPower plans to build a panel assembly plant in the United States by the end …

22 Aug

Partly Sunny Outlook for the Solar Industry

Investment U

Tony Daltorio, The Investment U Research Team The forecast for the solar power industry is …

14 Aug

Massachusetts approves solar power ownership by utilities


The state Department of Public Utilities approved a proposal by Western Massachusetts Electric Company to …

10 Aug

Senators: Climate Bill Should Support Clean Energy Manufacturing

The Breakthrough Institute

By Juliana Williams, Breakthrough Fellow Thursday, 10 Senate Democrats sent a letterto the President Obama …

28 Jul

Green Stimulus funding opportunities for residences, businesses and states

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Stimulus funding from Uncle Sam ( TheAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment or Stimulus Act appropriated $3.1billion …

25 Jul

Are the Days of the Solar PPA Numbered?


In a power purchase agreement(PPA), a third-party finances and owns the solar installation andreceives the …

24 Jul

Study: US Solar Power up 63% in ‘08

The Phoenix Sun

If anyone still doubts that solar is the power of the future (otherthan oil barons, …