03 Mar

UNVEILED: The U.S Renewable Energy Roadmap

The Daily Fusion

Stanford University scientist Mark Jacobson has developed a 50-state renewable energy roadmap for transforming the …

03 Apr

Can Stanford Students Revolutionize Green Home Construction?

The Daily Fusion

Stanford students are planning to revolutionize green home construction with a new standardized platform. A …

02 Nov

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Cells Made From Carbon


Stanford University researchers have built a solar cell made completely from carbon, which will make solar much …

01 Mar

Stanford’s Solar Work with Nanoshells

Green Patent Blog

A team of engineers from Stanford University in the US has successfully managed to improve …

02 Feb

Charging Electric Vehicles as they Drive

Yale Environment 360

U.S. researchers have designed a wireless charging system for electric vehiclesthey say could ultimately lead …

27 Jan

Top 10 Ways Stanford Keeps it Green

Green Chip Stocks

Located in Stanford, California is the very well known Stanford University. Because the university resides …

14 Oct

The $1 Billion University Green Challenge


Harvard, Stanford, and other leading universities are the first to  commit $65 million to to finance …

28 Sep

Stanford: Best Green MBA


The biennial Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey of the best green MBAs in the world has …

27 Aug

Stanford’s Xenith: The Fastest Solar Car in the World?


Last week there was a lot of buzz about Stanford Solar Car Project’s newly unveiled …

17 Aug

The Xenith Solar Car by Stanford Students for the World Solar Challenge


The Brilliant minds at Stanford have been working on it for two years and the …

22 Sep

Paper Thin Batteries Developed by Stanford Scientists


Researchers at the Stanford University have fabricated paper-thin flexible battery that can be used as …

26 Dec

Stanford Researchers Develop Solar Retinal Implants


Researchersat Stanford University have developed photovoltaic chip implants forpeople suffering from degradation in their photoreceptor …