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UNVEILED: The U.S Renewable Energy Roadmap

UNVEILED: The U.S Renewable Energy Roadmap

Stanford University scientist Mark Jacobson has developed a 50-state renewable energy roadmap for transforming the United States from dependence on fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. He unveiled the plan at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. “Drastic problems require drastic and immediate solutions,” said Jacobson,


Can Stanford Students Revolutionize Green Home Construction?

Stanford students are planning to revolutionize green home construction with a new standardized platform. A first home based on this concept is being built right now (you can even follow the progress via its very own YouTube channel). This solar-powered, zero-emission house is Stanford’s entrant in the Solar Decathlon, a biennial competition run by the


FUTUREWATCH: Solar Cells Made From Carbon

Stanford University researchers have built a solar cell made completely from carbon, which will make solar much cheaper to manufacture and easy to install. It would be painted onto a roof as a coating, giving it the “potential to deliver high performance at a low cost,” says chemical engineering Professor Zhenan Bao. It could also be painted on


Charging Electric Vehicles as they Drive

U.S. researchers have designed a wireless charging system for electric vehiclesthey say could ultimately lead to all-electric highways capable of charging cars and trucks as they drive down the road. The system, developed by a team at Stanford University, uses magnetic fields to transmit large electric currents between metal coils embedded a few feet apart


Top 10 Ways Stanford Keeps it Green

Located in Stanford, California is the very well known Stanford University. Because the university resides in what is known as one of the largest “cleantech states” in the United States, being California, Stanford University does what it can in an effort to bolster California’s stance as the number one sustainable state, by making their campus


The $1 Billion University Green Challenge

Harvard, Stanford, and other leading universities are the first to  commit $65 million to to finance serious upgrades in energy efficiency. The $1 Billion Green Challenge, launched this week, challenges universities and other nonprofits to invest that amount in a revolving fund that finances energy efficiency upgrades on campuses. The Challenge is inspired by the exceptional performance of existing green


Stanford: Best Green MBA

The biennial Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey of the best green MBAs in the world has been published, and Stanford University is back on top. The survey ranks business schools based on how well MBA programs incorporate social, environmental and ethical issues into the training of future business executives. “If the next generation of business leaders is to excel