Njiric + Arhitekti’s Blue Volcano Stadium Features ‘Solar Cloud’

Eco Factor: Sustainable stadium concept designed to harvest renewable energy. Njiric + Arhitektihas designed a large stadium that tries to push the boundary of humanexperiences of public spaces. The sustainable stadium is housed withinan artificial hill made of recycled rubber, with a blue pigment sprayedonto corrugated aluminum sheets. Thegreen stadium features an open roof which […] Read more

Solar Powered Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Japanese baseball goes green with The Hanshin Koshien Stadium inNishinomiya, Hyogo .   Solar batterypanels are being installed on the roof above the stadiums infieldstands. The stadium, home to the Hanshin Tigers baseball team will beinstalled with 1600 solar panels, about 140 centimeters in width and 80centimeters in length that will generate a massive 193,000 […] Read more

Italy’s Solar Powered Stadium

On the outside I’m sure this stadium looks like a capsule, but thisparticular Gino Zavanella creation unveiled in Italy recently istotally plastered in energy-generating photovoltaic panels. Named‘Franco Sensi’ is not just the usual stadium, but will also boast ofRome’s football teams museum, restaurants, lounges and even bars. Thereis a band of LED screen around the […] Read more

FIFA World Cup Stadium to go green with ecofriendly cladding

Boogertman Urban Edge & Partners Design has developed new fiberC glassfiber concrete panels for FIFA World CupStadium, which they state is a greener alternative to fiber cementpanels or aluminum sheets. The stadium, referred to as The Soccer CityStadium, is under construction in the suburbs of Johannesburg, andcladding would complete in 80 days.