19 Apr

Suniva To Install Solar on Commonwealth Games Stadium


Atlanta-based Suniva and Reliance Industries’ Solar Energy Group has announced that theThyagaraj Stadium, which will …

07 Jan

Blue Volcano Stadium Equipped With ‘Solar Cloud’


With innovation clubbed with environment sensitivity at its peak, a newstadium at Zaberg designed by …

31 Dec

Njiric + Arhitekti’s Blue Volcano Stadium Features ‘Solar Cloud’


Eco Factor: Sustainable stadium concept designed to harvest renewable energy. Njiric + Arhitektihas designed a …

08 Dec

Solar Powered Hanshin Koshien Stadium


Japanese baseball goes green with The Hanshin Koshien Stadium inNishinomiya, Hyogo .   Solar batterypanels …

13 Oct

Italy’s Solar Powered Stadium


On the outside I’m sure this stadium looks like a capsule, but thisparticular Gino Zavanella …

25 Apr

FIFA World Cup Stadium to go green with ecofriendly cladding


Boogertman Urban Edge & Partners Design has developed new fiberC glassfiber concrete panels for FIFA …