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Patagonia: The Greenest Company in the World?

Patagonia: The Greenest Company in the World?

Patagonia, is in a league of their own. For almost three decades the outdoor apparel company has been a champion of environmental stewardship, social responsibility. The are leaders in reporting transparency, responsible marketing, employee engagement, consumer education and helping environmentally oriented start-ups. Patagonia is a member of 1% for the Planet and they are a


How the Government Shutdown Could Impact Energy

At 12:03 AM this morning, after lawmakers in Congress failed to reach agreement on funding the government, thousands of federal employees lumbered out into the streets of Washington, DC looking for taxpayer payer money to spend. They knocked over trash cans, stuck their hands through windows and stopped cars in the street, hoping to find


Hawaii: Doing Solar Right

The business outlook for solar in Hawaii certainly looks ‘sunny’ with graphs like this one from the LA Times showing solar capacity on an exponential growth curve: doubling in size every year since 2007. Obviously abundant sunshine has something to do with it, but just as significant is how the average Hawaiian electricity bill is nearly twice as high


WeWi Telecommunications Announces “SOL” Solar Laptop

Laptop computers use just 50 to 75 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually, just one-third of what’s required by their desktop-bound cousins. But most of them still can’t run for a whole day on a single battery charge. While many of the high-tech manufacturers, notably Samsung, have talked about produced solar-powered models for years, so far


The Conservative Case For Solar Power

With just a quick look at the state of the national dialogue about renewable energy or climate change, you can’t help but come away with a clear split: Democrats and left-leaning politicians support the transition to a low-carbon economy, while Republicans and those on the right are vigorously supportive of the status quo. You could


Why The Future of the Golf Ball is Green

Modern golf balls have certainly come a long way from the original hard wooden balls of the 17th century or the featherie and guttie balls (made from leather wrapped feathers and tree sap, respectively). They fly farther, truer, and hit better than any ball before them, but they do suffer from one design flaw these


The 5 Greenest Sports Facilities in the World

Environmentally friendly sports facilities are important for athletes, spectators and the public. If you are interested in whether complexes are becoming sustainable, take a look at these facilities below: 1.     TCF Bank Stadium (US) Located in Minnesota, this is the University of Minnesota’s college stadium that hosts many games throughout the year. It is a

Energy Questions People Want Answered by Obama and Romney

Tonight’s presidential debate, which takes place in Hempstead, Long Island, is a town hall, where undecided voters get to ask the questions. Unfortunately, the subject matter is limited to foreign policy, so many important questions average voters would ask won’t be allowed (how about their positions on a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United?). Is


Red States Lead in Green Jobs

The debate over green job growth in Washington is highly partisan, but red states that are home to decisively Republican or swing voters are growing those jobs the fastest, says a new report. Although the most populous states like California, New York and Texas have the most green jobs, 8 of the 10 states with the fastest green


NYC Taxis, Nissan Team Up on Fuel Efficiency

New York City. With a population of more than 18 million people and a bustling hub of commercial activity, the Big Apple is a city unmatched by any other. And with great power must come some sense of social responsibility, especially when handling one of New York City’s greatest assets: Its signature yellow cab system.


Profiting from Solar Printing Technologies

Solar installations are rocketing worldwide as solar electricity becomes cheaper than electricity from fossil fuels – it’s already happened in 105 countries. This is the tipping point where economics takes over from altruism and solar PVbecomes a serious part of the global energy mix. The steady drop in cost-per-watt is great news for the end


Sustainability: Not Just A Game in Pro Sports

Stadiums, arenas, playing fields and other sports venues present a unique management challenge for waste management, water conservation and electricity consumption. Consider your average home game. In a few short hours, thousands of fans leave an impact on parking lots, restrooms and consume huge amounts of food and drinks. Countless kilowatt hours of electricity go toward


WOW: GM Loses $50K on Every Volt Produced

Despite selling a record number of Chevy Volts in August, General Motors is losing money on its plug-in electric hybrid, and a lot of money at that. Industry analysts estimate GM is losing as much as $49,000 on every Volt it produces.  This number could be even higher with cheap leases now being offered for