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Spectrolab Breaks Solar-Cell Efficiency Record . . . Again

Spectrolab, a Boeing subsidiary, has set yet another world recordfor terrestrial concentrator solar cell efficiency by designing a cellthat converts 41.6 percent of concentrated sunlight into electricity. The new record reinstates Spectrolab’s reputation as the leading company in high efficiency multijunction solar cells.  “This cell is an advanced version of our lattice-matched celltechnology that will

Spectrolab Scales C3MJ Technology

The single greatest hope for the future of solar-energy, a Boeing spinoff company called Spectrolab,is scaling up production of its new C3MJ technology, which have aminimum average conversion efficiency of more than 38.5 percent. Theramped up production capacity should be online by the end of this year,according to CPV Today. The solar-energy trade magazine reported