15 Apr

Quantum Dots = Efficient Solar Windows

The Daily Fusion

A house window that doubles as a solar panel could be on the horizon, thanks …

18 Mar

In Focus: Recent Green Technology Advances


Attempting to make the world an improved and pollution-free place to live is not a …

12 Dec

Hitachi’s CrystEna Energy Storage System

Greentech Media

Who knows how economical it might be, but the Japanese electronics and industrial giant Hitachi …

11 Oct

Oakland: California’s Hidden Solar Hotbed


When people think of sunny California, they often think of the beaches of Southern California. …

19 Aug

REPORT: Solar’s Price Tag Keeps Getting Lower

The Vote Solar Initiative

As solar energy installations spring up on rooftops and major power plants across the U.S., …

12 Aug

WeWi Telecommunications Announces “SOL” Solar Laptop


Laptop computers use just 50 to 75 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually, just one-third of …

05 Aug

Plasmonic Black Metals: Lowering the Cost of Solar Cells?

The Daily Fusion

According to a Lawrence Livermore engineering team, plasmonic black metals—nanostructured metals are designed to have …

10 May

U.S Army Announces $7B in Renewable Energy Projects


The U.S. Army has just launched the first in a series of renewable energy contracts …

24 Apr

In Focus: Futuristic Green Energies


The Time Lists has released its ‘Top 20 Green Tech Ideas’, and what a list …

17 Aug

Solar Traffic Lights Come to Durban, South Africa

Energy Refuge

The municipality of eThekwini in Durban, South Africa, has greenlighted a new project of solar …

08 Feb

An Interactive Map of Clean Energy Sources

The US Solar Institute

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just launched a website with an application designed to …

19 Nov

New Report Highlights Urgency to Find Renewable Sources of Energy

Energy Refuge

RE: The only way is up Oil reserves will be depleted by 2041 if current …