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SolarWindow Technology Moves Forward

SolarWindow Technology Moves Forward

New Energy Technologies announced this week that it has successfully achieved 21 new patent filings for its spray-on SolarWindow technology. The company has been working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado to develop a technology that will transform any see-through surface, such as a window in any house or office building, into a


SolarWindow Gets Green Light from NREL

New Energy Technologies and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are moving with research and development on the company’s transparent SolarWindow photovoltaic technology. New Energy Technology’s SolarWindow technology consists of nano-particle spray, with PV cells that are smaller than a quarter of grain of rice and 1/1,00th the width of a human hair. Under the


Invisible Wires Transporting Energy on SolarWindows

Scientists at the New Energy Technologies, Inc. and NREL collaborated for developing New Energy’s SolarWindow (TM),will provide improved efficiency and overall performance for transporting electricity on glass windows.. Once fully developed, it is most likely to open new avenues for commercial production of newer products. Electricity can be produced using the SolarWindow(TM) by layering and


New Breakthrough for New Energy Technologies’ SolarWindow

New Energy Technologies’ SolarWindow is a promising photovoltaic solar technology that we have been following for a while. SolarWindow’s promise is to generate electricity on see-through glass. In conjunction with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the company has successfully fabricated the largest-area organic photovoltaic (OPV) module ever produced at the Laboratory Scientists developing SolarWindow succeeded


SolarWindow Moves Closer to Commercialization

Many solar products in the early stages of development today seem downright futuristic. But, from solar roadways to solar windows, it’s all happening. And it’s working. The U.S. Transportation Department is funding research into solar roadways, and New Energy Technologies announced two major breakthroughs with its SolarWindow technology within the last month. Researchers last week


Future Alert: SolarWindow™ Spray-On Energy Genenerating Technology

Here’s a little something that definitely falls into the “cool” category. New Energy Technologies (NET) of Burtonsville, MD, recently debuted SolarWidow™, a “first-of-its-kind spray-on,” energy-generating technology. According to the company press release, SolarWindow™ is capable of“transforming everyday surfaces, such as windows, into energy-generating devices using both natural and artificial light sources. The company claims that

New Energy Unveils SolarWindow

New Energy Technologies Inc. has successfully debuted its proprietarySolarWindow technology, capable of transforming everyday surfaces, suchas glass, into electricity-generating windows, on September 16 at theUniversity of South Florida (USF) to a standing-room-only crowd ofinvestors, academics, commercial glass companies, and members of themedia. Company president and CEO, John A. Conklin, revealed thatthe application of SolarWindow to


The SolarWindow from New Energy Technologies

New Energy Technologies has announced that researchers have made major scientific and technical breakthroughs, which allows the company to unveil a working prototypeof the world’s first glass window capable of generating electricity, inthe upcoming weeks. Until now, solar panels have remained opaque, with the prospect ofcreating a see-through glass window capable of generating electricitylimited by