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Big Box Retailers: All About Solar Power

Big Box Retailers: All About Solar Power

In the news lately we have been hearing about big box stores going green by installing solar power on their stores. Which retailers are expanding their renewable energy strategies in an effort to make the world a little greener? Wal-Mart just announced a large solar power installation on their 100th store in California. They are

Johns Manville Signs Supply Agreement With SolarFrameWorks

Johns Manville (JM), a global manufacturer of energy-efficient building products, has reached an agreementwith SolarFrameWorks, a photovoltaic solutions company, forSolarFrameWorks to supply its proprietary building-integratedphotovoltaic (BIPV) CoolPly solar roofing components to JM. JM will market these products through its business entity, the JM E3 Co., also known as JM E3co. "SolarFrameWorksCoolPly product provides a solution