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Solar Pipeline is 43 Gigawatts Strong!

There are enough solar photovoltaic installations in the pipeline to power 6 million households. NPD Solarbuzz, an industry research and analytics firm, found that U.S. solar developers have more than 43 gigawatts of projects in varying stages of planning and construction on the board. While many of the projects won’t be completed, many will and […] Read more

Liberty Interactive Invests $300M in Solana

Abengoa Solar’s first giant concentrating solar power system in the U.S., the 280 megawatt Solana Project, is nearly complete and is in final testing stages. And on the eve of completion the project, which is located near Gila Bend, Ariz., Liberty Interactive Corp has announced that the company will be investing $300 million. The $300 million […] Read more

First Solar’s Thin Film Panels: GE Inside

One year ago, General Electric delayed its plan to build the world’s largest solar plant in Colorado, saying it would focus instead on out-innovating its primary competitor in thin-film technology, First Solar. Now, its plan for the 400 megawatt (MW) manufacturing facility is officially dead under a multi-pronged partnership announced this week with its former […] Read more

Video: The Shams 1 CSP Solar Plant

Future360 travels to Abu Dhabi to check out the largest concentrating solar plant in the world, Shams 1. The 100 MW plant occupies a square mile of the desert, roughly the size of 300 football fields. When commissioned later this year, Shams 1 will power for 20,000 homes. The technology works by using 250,000 parabolic […] Read more

The Amazon: Potential Solar Power Plant Hotbed?

There is an article that appeared online yesterday in The Wall Street Journal about how some of the world’s biggest mining companies are looking to spend around $24 billion to boost production in the Amazon and how the Brazilian government is creating the infrastructure necessary to make it happen: Mining giants such as Vale and Anglo-American are increasing efforts […] Read more

Maryland’s Largest Solar Plant Announces December Completion

First Solar entered into a leasing agreement with the state of Maryland in order to construct the state’s largest solar power plant. Located on 160 acres near the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, the 20MW project will include over 300,000 solar panels. Maryland has an aggressive renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that requires the state to generate […] Read more

The Crescent Dunes Solar Power Plant

A Federal government-funded massive solar tower is under the final stages of construction in the desert north of Tonopah, Nevada. The 600 foot solar cell-studded skyscraper is meant to produce power for the nearby houses. Situated in the deep desert the huge concrete shaft looks quite striking. As it turns operational, the tower will be […] Read more

SINGULUS Receives Another Solar Plant Order

The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS) was able to conclude anothercontract for five Selenisierungsanlagen for CIS thin-film solar cells. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, in 2009, had developed in close cooperation with AVANCISGmbH & Co. KG (AVANCIS) a new process plant for thin-film solartechnology in early 2010 and received an initial order for 19 million €. The follow-on order […] Read more