Solar Millennium

Another One Bites The Dust: Solar Millennium Insolvency

2011 takes with it another casualty of the solar shakeout. Last week it was Germany’s Solon, which makes solar modules and solar power plants, that was looking to “attempt restructuring via the insolvency court,” in roughly the German equivalent of bankruptcy. Today saw Germany’s Solar Millennium file for the opening of insolvency proceedings, according to […] Read more

Why is CSP Falling Out of Favor?

When Solar Millennium announced last week that it would switch from solar thermal to photovoltaic technology for the first 500-megawatt phase of its 1,000-megawatt solar project outside of Blythe, Calif., It drew attention to a growing trend away from CSP. Solar Millennium issued a statement last week saying that the company felt solar photovoltaic technology […] Read more