solar carport

16 Oct

Solar Car Sharing Takes off in France

The Daily Fusion

Toshiba Corporation announced that it has completed construction of a car sharing system for the …

24 Apr

NREL Gets 2nd Solar Canopy

The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) now has a second Envision Solar International Solar …

24 Sep

Electric Vehicles Running on Moonlight?

EVs will soon be able to be powered not only by sunlight but also with …

15 Sep

Envision Solar Trees Juice Up Chevy Volts

Envision Solar and GM are teaming up to plug more Chevy Volts directly into the …

13 Sep

Solar Leasing: Good for the Consumer?


The CEO of a Connecticut-based solar installation company distributed a firm warning to solar industry …

05 Sep

The Princeton Satellite Systems’ SunStation EV Charging Station

Solar EV charging stations are hardly new – as regular readers of SolarChargedDriving.Com surely know. …

30 Aug

Solar Leases: The Pros and Cons

The concept of “leasing,” whether you’re talking about cars or a solar PV array, sometimes …

03 Aug

In Focus: BMW’s Solar-Wind Package

Greentech Media

BMW is launching its all-electric ActiveE vehicle with a lease program for 700 dedicated customers. …

08 May

Renewz PV Carports: Coming to America


Solar carports are gaining traction across the world and now Italian-designed solar carports are coming …