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Solar Decathlon Stays in California

Solar Decathlon Stays in California

The Solar Decathlon, a signature biennial event showcasing the possibilities of solar homes tomorrow with today’s technologies, announced two things today (Feb. 13) its competitors and locations for 2015. The event will stay at Irvine, Calif.’s Orange County Great Park in 2015 and 20 collegiate teams from around the world will compete in the 10


Apartment Dwellers in Califonia Go Solar

The solar power boom is underway, especially out here in California, but for most of the rise of the solar revolution one large group of people has been left out: Apartment dwellers have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to solar, since residents of multi-family housings could only apply solar

Sungevity Expands SoCal Programs

Sungevity, the leading online residential solar provider, today announced the Sungevity LA SolarLease Program, which was designed by Sungevity specifically forresidents of Los Angeles City and County who wish to save money ontheir electricity bills by going solar. To help Angelinos see the benefits of going solar, Sungevity hasestimated the savings for a number of

SoCal and NorCal Battle for Spot in the Sun

California continues to establish itself as a leader in solar energyinnovation and pro-solar policymaking, nationwide. Many of theseefforts have taken place at the state level. Witness the passage of California bill AB 510,which boosted the state’s cap on net-metering for solar powerinstallations. But county and city governments have played a prominentrole, too. Recently GetSolar has detailed

eSolar’s Award-Winning Plant Powers SoCal

Last December, eSolar’s Sierra SunTowersolar power plant won Power Engineering Magazine’s “Best Renewable andSustainable Project” award for 2009. The distinguished award is one offour the magazine gives out each year to projects in one of thefollowing categories: gas-fired, coal-fired, nuclear and renewable. Located 60 miles north of downtown Los Angeles in Lancaster,California, the 5-megawatt commercial


Solar Two Project to Power SoCal

California’s sunny climate has long been an envied trademark of theWest Coast. But as the renewable energy industry continues to establishitself as a major player in the shifting U.S. economy, the GoldenState’s warm appeal is reaching uncharted temperatures — literally. Thefocus here is on converting the sun’s heat into electricity. On February 12, the California’s Energy Commission (CEC) and the Bureau of Land