23 Feb

Israel to set up feed-in tariff for residential and small industrial PV systems

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Israel’s Minister of National Infrastructure (MNI) has authorized theministry’s new policy for up to 50kW …

29 Jan

Obama Renews His Commitments to Clean Energy and Small Business

The Green Market Oracle

Inhis State of the Union address, President Obama indicated that he willcontinue to pursue a …

14 Nov

Illinois DCEO expands incentives for solar and small wind.

Time is Energy - Daniel Simon

Here is some great news if you are considering going solar (or small wind) in …

27 Aug

Solar Bus Stop by Johann Paquelier


Oneof the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is to make use ofpublic transport. …

25 Aug

Another Scramble for DOE Financing

Good news for small companies working on bringing advanced solarenergy technologies to market!  This past …

08 Jul

SolarCity Introduces Power Purchase Agreement Program For Small PV Systems

Solar Industry

SolarCity has unveiled a power purchase agreement (PPA) offeringdesigned to allow small- and medium-sized businesses, …

30 Jun

Italians See Solar Microgeneration Projects As Sound Investment

As Margaret has pointed out here, the benefits of harnessing solar power for an urban …

18 Jun

Solar Boombox


Forthose who want to keep themselves entertained when in a park, withoutspending a lot on …