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Illinois DCEO expands incentives for solar and small wind.

Here is some great news if you are considering going solar (or small wind) in Illinois in the next ~6 months. The Illinois state rebate granting authority–DCEO hasa program that provides a rebate of 30% of the installed cost of solar(or small wind). In prior years the maximum rebate was capped at$10,000 per application, but

Solar Bus Stop by Johann Paquelier

Oneof the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is to make use ofpublic transport. It might sound easy, but many believe that waitingfor a bus is the hardest thing to do after a rough day at work.Industrial designer Johann Paquelier has tried to make your waitcomfortable and illuminated under a sustainable shelter. Thecost-efficient bus

Another Scramble for DOE Financing

Good news for small companies working on bringing advanced solarenergy technologies to market!  This past Thursday, Secretary of EnergySteven Chu announced that the stimulus bill would funnel over $37million to the Department of Energy’s Small Business Innovation Research(SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTT) programs.  The gesture shows that the federal government is really willing

SolarCity Introduces Power Purchase Agreement Program For Small PV Systems

SolarCity has unveiled a power purchase agreement (PPA) offeringdesigned to allow small- and medium-sized businesses, churches andschools to adopt solar power for no money down and pay less than theypreviously paid for electricity. The SolarCity PPA allowsorganizations to lock in predictable electricity rates to protectthemselves from rising energy costs, says SolarCity. Under the PPA, thecompany

Italians See Solar Microgeneration Projects As Sound Investment

As Margaret has pointed out here, the benefits of harnessing solar power for an urban environment are many. This WSJ articleprovides an example of the advantages of solar microgeneration from theother side of the world—in Italy, a rapidly expanding solar market withplenty of sun to spare. In order to lessen the pain of high energycosts,


Solar Boombox

Forthose who want to keep themselves entertained when in a park, withoutspending a lot on expensive batteries that aren’t just difficult tocarry but harm the environment as well, Instructables has a great DIYthat allows you to create a boombox by spending not more than $75 onit. TheDIY boombox is based on the use of cheap