In Focus: Freeform Solar Skin

The generation of clean energy has certainly affected architecture in every respect. Daniel Martín Ferrero, a designer from Madrid who specializes in creating futuristic graphic designs and signage for architecture, has arrived with the concept of the Freeform Solar Powered structures. The idea is to create an active skin constituted with flexible material, which is […] Read more

ETU To Cover Building in Solar Skin

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) is planning to refurbish its1950s-era building at the corner of Swanston and Queensberry streets inMelbourne, Australia by integrating an innovative solar skin totransform the architecture into a source of renewable energy. Thethree-level concrete building will be completely covered in a “skin” ofmoving solar panels and solar-sensitive film to generate enough […] Read more

Solar Skin by Studio Formwork

The architectural 3D modeling, rendering and design firm Studio Formwork, has designed a unique solar product concept. Solar Skin! Imagine generating renewable energy from your home or officebuilding without the need of expensive renovations! Instead ofrenovating those old structures, why not wrap them up instead? One thing is for certain – the design concept of […] Read more

Inflatable Solar Skin allows inefficient buildings to generate solar energy

Architecturalfirms are envisioning new buildings that will be able to generateenergy for themselves with a solar energy generating façade. But withmost of the metropolis already converted into a concrete jungle therehas to be a way to make the already existing skyscrapers green.Designers over at Studio Formwork have tried to do just that with a new […] Read more

Hi-tech solar roof coupled with low-tech sheep wool insulation

Keepingup with its task to merging technology with biology, BIOS Architectshave designed an ecofriendly, self-sufficient dwelling of tomorrow –The Solar Sheep. The portable dwelling is fully adaptable to the changein environment and climate due to the modular construction approachdesigned by BIOS. The modular dwelling is constructed using bamboo andharnesses solar energy and harvests rainwater for […] Read more