SINGULUS Receives Another Solar Plant Order

The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS) was able to conclude anothercontract for five Selenisierungsanlagen for CIS thin-film solar cells. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, in 2009, had developed in close cooperation with AVANCISGmbH & Co. KG (AVANCIS) a new process plant for thin-film solartechnology in early 2010 and received an initial order for 19 million €. The follow-on order […] Read more

Singulus Plans Expansion In Solar Market

Singulus Technologies,a provider of solar manufacturing equipment, says it will substantiallyexpand its activities in the solar sector and introduce new equipmentspecifically designed for photovoltaics. Singulus is currentlyworking with cell manufacturers on improved cell technology, includinghigher efficiencies and lower production costs. "In the future,we will also offer systems for the complete cell production processand, in particular, […] Read more

Singulus delivers first coating machine for silicon solar cells

Singulus Technologies recently delivered the first inline coatingmachine for anti-reflective coating of silicon solar cells with theproduct name SINGULAR to a European manufacturer of silicon solarcells. In 2008, SINGULUS developed a trend-setting concept fora coating machine for silicon solar cells with the product nameSINGULAR. The machine integration know how, which SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIEShas proven in the […] Read more

Singulus Technologies Delivers First Solar Cell Coating Machine

Singulus Technologies, based in Kahl am Main, Germany, has deliveredits first Singular machine – an inline coating machine that supplies ananti-reflective coating on silicon solar cells – to a Europe-basedmanufacturer of silicon solar wafers. This product fullyautomates the production of the anti-reflective layer. According to thecompany, the anti-reflective layer provides improved light transmissionand passivation properties, […] Read more