01 Jul

Cadmium Telluride On Silicon

Greentech Media

An Illinois company thatdevelops infrared imaging material aims to create solar cells that areunlike many …

26 Jun

ULVAC PE-CVD system increases conversion efficiency by 30 percent

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

ULVAC Inc., a supplier of the amorphous-silicon (a-Si) thin-filmphotovoltaic modules production turnkey line, has developed …

25 Jun

Mitsubishi Solar develops organic solar panels

Go Green Solar

MitsubishiSolar partnered up with a couple agencies to develop a highlyintegrated organic photovoltaic solar panels …

22 Jun

AUO To Buy $125M Stake In Japanese Polysilicon Maker

CleanTech Brief

Taiwan’s AU Optronics (AUO), a leading maker of LCD TVs with arecently launched energy division, …

19 Jun

LDK Solar (LDK) Reaches Milestone With 660kg Silicon Ingot

Green Stocks Central

About a year ago LDK Solar (LDK) announced a deal with JYT Corp (acompetitor of …

18 Jun

Taiwanese Thin-Film Makers Jump Ship

Greentech Media

The financial market meltdown that has pummeled solar companies inSilicon Valley is also leaving its …

09 Jun

The Winners and Losers of The PV Industry

Greentech Media

As the market becomesrestricted to only the companies with the best products, lowest costsand successful …

09 Jun

Thin-Film Solar Cells on Flexible Steel Sheets


Normally conventional silicon solar panels, are bulky and rigid, but a startup in Toledo, Ohio, …

08 Jun

Innovalight, OTB Solar Install Silicon Ink Production System

Solar Industry

Innovalight Inc. says it has installed the world’s firsthigh-throughput industrial silicon-ink inkjet printing system at …