03 Nov

SANYO marks grand opening of Salem solar silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing plant

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

SANYO North America Corp. (SANYO), a subsidiary of and the NorthAmerican regional headquarters of SANYO …

28 Oct

More on Generating Power With Silicon Nanowires

Greentech Media

Silicon nanowires and nanotubes – tendrils of pure silicon thatstand up like small trees on …

26 Oct

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) Sets Performance Record For PTC Ratings In P-Type Silicon Modules

Green Stocks Central

Canadian Solar just announced that its CS5A and CS5P series have seta new record for …

01 Oct

Wacker Chemie Exits Solar Industry, China Government to Curb Silicon Oversupply

Greentech Media

Wacker Chemieis getting out of the business of making silicon wafers for the solarmarket to …

23 Sep

Prism Solar Offers Low-cost Solution For Green Revolution

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

NewYork-based Prism Solar Technologies Inc., which has its research centerin Tucson, Arizona, is planning to …

21 Sep

Update From European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference

Greentech Media

Solarcompanies have rolled out new panels and announced contracts andinvestments as the 24th annual European …

18 Sep

GreenSun’s candy-colored solar panels provide more electricity cheaper


Alreadyavailable in a variety of shapes and forms, solar panels are going toget more efficient …

15 Sep

JA Solar Teams Up With Innovalight On Next-Gen Products (JASO)

Green Stocks Central

JA Solar just announced that it is working with Innovalight, Inc. todevelop new, next-generation solar …

15 Sep

Samsung Plans To Conquer Solar Industry

Greentech Media

Samsung is diving head long into the solar business by starting a solar cell pilot …

08 Sep

Innovalight Reaches 18% Efficiency For Silicon Ink Cells

Greentech Media

Innovalight,which makes solar cells by printing what it calls "silicon ink," saidTuesday its cells can …

01 Sep

Xunlight 26 CdTe On Plastic To Compete With First Solar (FSLR)

Greentech Media

Ayear ago, Xunlight 26 Solar embarked on a two-year plan to develop aproduction-ready solar panel …

31 Aug

Cyrium Gets Full-Time CEO

Greentech Media

Cyrium Technologies said today that Harry Rozakis, a veteran of the chip industry, will become …