08 Sep

Black Silicon is Back, and Ready to Rage

Greentech Media

Black silicon has been around so long, it’s hard to remember it hasn’t come out …

19 Aug

The Fate of Amorphous Silicon Solar

Greentech Media

Greentech Media and GTM Research have led the packin questioning the viability of amorphous silicon …

27 Jul

Crystalline Silicon PV Efficiency Leaders

Greentech Media

So much attention gets focused on thin film aroundthese here parts that it’s easy to …

16 Jul

Korean Delegation Visits Silicon Valley

Cleantech, Applied

Applied Materials, in partnership with the Korean UniversityCouncil for Social Service, hosted 20 engineering students …

14 Jul

Ron Kenedi of Sharp Solar Discusses Amorphous Silicon

Greentech Media

Reporting from the Intersolar Solar show in SanFrancisco, California — I spoke with Ron Kenedi, …

14 Jul

Innovalight to Double Silicon Ink Efficiency

Greentech Media

Innovalight boasts that it will be able to double the solar potency of itsnanocrystalline silicon …

28 May

California’s Silicon Valley: A Center for Greentech Growth!

Boots On The Roof

In the not so distant past it was the silicon valley that was one ofthe …

29 Apr

The Next Big Thing: The Greening of Silicon Valley

Yale Environment 360

From the street, Adobe Systems’ San Jose headquarters looks like anyother collection of skyscrapers that …

27 Apr

Innovalight Grabs Record with Silicon Ink Solar Cells

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Innovalight, a privately-held firm selling a platform of siliconink-based high efficiency solar cell materials and …

21 Apr

Quay Valley, California: The Silicon Valley of Sustainability?

Energy Boom

California has long been the U.S. leader in clean technologydevelopment and currently leads the nation …

12 Apr

Who’s Who in Solar Silicon

The Phoenix Sun

Some of the twenty smaller polysilicon manufacturers operating todayprobably won’t be around by the end …

09 Apr

The Industrial Scale Solar Opportunity for Silicon Valley

Cleantech, Applied

Some are doubting that Silicon Valley still has the drive tochange the world as we …