04 Nov

IKEA Delivers Solar Shelters to Refugees


Ikea made a big stir early this fall when it announced plans to sell flat-packed …

09 Oct

Singapore: Eco-Home Growth Exploding


With the alarming rate of pollutants in the environment, everything is being substituted these days …

27 Sep

The Solar Car Arc Generator Shelter


The Car Arc presents itself as a sun shading and energy generatingmechanism for electric vehicles. …

10 Aug

The Solar Transit Shelter Bus Stop


Remember the darkened out bus stop we usually catch in thriller movies, with ahapless victim …

11 May

Charge Your Gadgets on the Beach with Surf Shelter


Designers at HJC Design have unveiled the Surf Shelter concept, which will protectusers from the …

30 Nov

Solar-powered Bus Shelter In London


Designedby Tim Wykeham, the London Bus shelter is conceptualized as a newdesign icon for London. …

08 Sep

60 Shelter Rock Receives Largest Solar Grant

J. Peter Lynch

Solaire Development LLC located at 60 Shelter Rock Road in Danbury, CTis pleased to announce …

27 Aug

Solar Bus Stop by Johann Paquelier


Oneof the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is to make use ofpublic transport. …

06 Aug

San Francisco Solar Powered Bus Shelter

Solar Knowledge

Situatedat Geary and Arguello boulevards in the Richmond District, the new busshelter features an undulating …