Making Solar Sexier

The unanticipated potential life changes that have likely pushed out the time we’ll add an EV to our PV equation by two years have accentuated — in a big way — something I’ve known all along: Adding an electric car to your home solar equation makes home solar way more sexy. Here’s why: Auto fueling […] Read more

Using Sex to Sell Solar

It’s no surprise that convention floors and industry expos employ what many refer to as “booth babes” or “booth candy.” It’s a staple of the auto industry. You know—the girl in the bikini leaning up against the new Ford Mustang. The idea is, you lure men in with the beautiful women, and then snag a […] Read more

Pure Power’s “Sexy” Opportunity Green Presentation

For those unlucky few who were not at the Opportunity Green event inDowntown Los Angeles last week, the Pure Power presentation (had to bevery few slides, as the pitch was 1 minute 15 seconds) is here. Now you’ll know why Mobile Solar Power is sexy… Pure Power – Opportunity Green OG25 Finalist 2010 – Sept […] Read more

Is Energy Efficiency Sexy?

I was lucky enough to have a seat at the packed GLD Cleantech Kingpins event last week at the Nexus Green Building Center.  It turned out to be a nice back-and-forth discussion about why energy efficiency isn’tcatching on in the mainstream.  This discussion was appropriately timedon the day that the Senate killed the climate bill.  […] Read more