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SEO Insights for Solar

SEO Insights for Solar

Today’s post has nothing to do with solar, except in a sort of meta sense. You see, the process of creating these posts is not really driven by some Grand Plan but rather what is going on now or at least strikes us as interesting.  But of course what we think is interesting is in


Why Your Solar Company’s Website Gets No Search Engine Love

On internet, everyone is hot and sexy. OK, I lied. Most people on internet are just like.. people in real life. Most are, well, let’s just say.. if it weren’t for internet dating, most of these people’s heritage lines are doomed. (Side note: online sales lead generation is just like dating.) And websites are no different:


What Google Can Tell You About Your Customer’s Sentiment

Do you run your business in vacuum? Probably not. Unless of course, you don’t like generating revenue. As founder of a solar lead generation company, my customers are solar installation companies. And one of their biggest un-addressed issue: how do THEIR customers feel about them. Prior to the days of internet where much of people’s

Solar iPad Case by Seo Eul Hwa

iPad, the new class of sleek device between a smartphone and laptophas become the “Apple” of everyone’s eye in the technology arena. Youcertainly wouldn’t want that smooth surfaced delicate Apple pie slipping out of your sweaty hands. A Korean designer, Seo Eul Hwa brings to you a perfect solution to keep your iPad from sputtering