29 Mar

Semprius Lands $7.5M for CPV

Greentech Media

Can concentrated PV (CPV) compete against the still-plunging prices of standard photovoltaics? Semprius and its …

02 Mar

The State of CPV Solar

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Concentrated photovoltaic solar (CPV) is increasing its presence in the utility-scale solar market, but its …

09 Feb

Solar Industry Records Being Broken Left and Right

Greentech Media

While the recent solar market has its dark side (bankruptcies, layoffs, slim profits, and consolidation), …

01 Feb

Semprius Breaks Solar Module Efficiency Record

Energy Boom

Solar module manufacturer Semprius, Inc. has achieved 33.9 percent efficiency for its latest high concentration …

17 Dec

Semprius Achieves 41% Solar Cell Efficiency

Energy Boom

On December 14, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, announced that it had confirmed …

20 Dec

Semprius and the Future of CPV

Greentech Media

Semprius has acore semiconductor technology the firm believes can make concentratingphotovoltaics (CPV) a competitive solar …

29 Jan

Semprius, Siemens to advance innovative solar energy technology

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Semprius Inc. and Siemens Industry Inc. have entered into a jointdevelopment agreement to co-develop and …

29 Jun

Solar Panel Maker Semprius Taps $500,000 In Stimulus Funding

CleanTech Brief

North Carolina-based Semprius, a semiconductor technology company,has won $500,000 in federal stimulus money to help …

12 Jun

Semprius Solar Company Raises $6.4M

CleanTech Brief

North Carolina-based Semprius, Inc., a semiconductor companydeveloping a transfer printing technology used in the production …