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Semprius Lands $7.5M for CPV

Semprius Lands $7.5M for CPV

Can concentrated PV (CPV) compete against the still-plunging prices of standard photovoltaics? Semprius and its investors think so. Semprius just added another $7.5 million in venture capital to its war chest for its high-concentration PV systems. The funding came from existing investors Siemens Venture Capital, ARCH Venture Partners and Intersouth Partners. That follows a $3M


The State of CPV Solar

Concentrated photovoltaic solar (CPV) is increasing its presence in the utility-scale solar market, but its growth has been partially stunted by falling prices for less efficient PV options such as conventional crystalline silicon, making it less competitive with respect to cost.  When it comes to power generation, cost is the primary part of the decision


Solar Industry Records Being Broken Left and Right

While the recent solar market has its dark side (bankruptcies, layoffs, slim profits, and consolidation), the industry continues to innovate and drive device performance ever upward. That means that when the solar sector makes it through these lean times, it will possess increasingly higher efficiencies and even lower price-per-watt metrics than today’s already surprisingly low


Semprius Breaks Solar Module Efficiency Record

Solar module manufacturer Semprius, Inc. has achieved 33.9 percent efficiency for its latest high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar modules the company said Tuesday. The module, which was tested and certified by the Instituto de Energía Solar at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IES-UPM), is the world’s most efficient, surpassing the previous world record of 32


Semprius Achieves 41% Solar Cell Efficiency

On December 14, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, announced that it had confirmed an efficiency rating greater than 41 percent for solar cells made by Durham, North Carolina-based Semprius. This efficiency rating is calculated on the ability of the low-cost lenses incorporated Semprius’s gallium-arsenide (GaAs) cells to concentrate sunlight (to an intensity of


Semprius and the Future of CPV

Semprius has acore semiconductor technology the firm believes can make concentratingphotovoltaics (CPV) a competitive solar technology. Semprius and the CPV industry has its work cut out for it.   The flatpanel photovoltiacs (PV) industry has grown at a compound annual rate of about 41 percent per year for the last decade to reach it’s current2010 shipment

Semprius, Siemens to advance innovative solar energy technology

Semprius Inc. and Siemens Industry Inc. have entered into a jointdevelopment agreement to co-develop and deploy plug-and-playdemonstration systems based on Semprius’ Solar Module Arrays andSiemens’ automation and control components. The systems areslated to be installed at numerous test sites around the world,including major utilities, commercial sites, international testlocations and government facilities. Semprius Solar ModuleArrays offer

Solar Panel Maker Semprius Taps $500,000 In Stimulus Funding

North Carolina-based Semprius, a semiconductor technology company,has won $500,000 in federal stimulus money to help fund itssolar-energy technology. Semprius, which pulled in $6.5 million in venture capital financing last month, will use the money to fund development of a more efficient and inexpensive solar panel. The company is developing a novel transfer printing technology forthe


Semprius Solar Company Raises $6.4M

North Carolina-based Semprius, Inc., a semiconductor companydeveloping a transfer printing technology used in the production ofsolar modules, among things, has closed a $6.4 million Series B roundof venture funding. Existinginvestors ARCH Venture Partners, Applied Ventures, Illinois VENTURESand Intersouth Partners were joined by In-Q-Tel and GVC InvestmentFund. Semprius says the design of its modules and the