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The Rolling Solar Recliner from Michael Jantzen

The Rolling Solar Recliner from Michael Jantzen

This outdoor reclining chair has three different backrest positions. It also has an adjustable pull down privacy screen, and a solar panel mounted on its top. The solar panel is used to generate electricity from the sun, which can be used to power a computer, i pad, a fan, a radio etc. The Rolling Solar


Romney + Ryan = RIP Clean Energy

Despite pledging to protect American employment, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney opposes critical clean energy policies that will encourage investment and create jobs on American soil. Gov. Romney wrote in a Columbus Dispatch op-ed that, “In place of real energy, Obama has focused on an imaginary world where government-subsidized windmills and


The 5 Sickest Solar Sculptures

With the ever-increasing environmental awareness, design houses and architects from around the globe are looking for new and innovative ways to give an eco friendly touch to their creations. Every other day, we get to see and hear of amazing examples of solar energy being integrated into residential, commercial and industrial applications. The efforts are


The Sun-catcher Solar light sculpture

Sun-catcher sculpture is an innovative way to illuminate a street using solar energy. Artist Dee Dee Morrison and her Morrison Studio have designed and installed this solar powered sun-catcher sculpture at Clearwater in Florida, U.S.A. Built with integrated solar panels at the top, the sculpture can produce light for the street when it is dark.


Mirage-like Sculpture That Produces Clean Energy

Light Sanctuary, a mirage-like Sculpture is as green as aesthetically appealing it looks. Designed by New York architects Decker Yeadon, this massive desert sculpture comprises of 33-foot-tall verticalphotovoltaic panels twisting and plunging through 100 acres of the Dubai sands. It was designed specially keeping in mind the Dubai architecture firm Studied Impact sponsored 2010 Land


The Solar Flora Sculpture by Nectar Design

Solar panel designs best define banality. Their very thought invokes a bromidic flat and dusty glass panel configuration hung atop a polewhich seeks little attention. Solar Flora seeks to remedy the flawwith its sleek floral design which wears three solar panels on each ofits leaf. Manufactured by Nectar Design at its Long Beachfacility using local

Heliotropis Solar Powered Kinetic Sculpture

Theflower includes solar panels to collect the energy from the sun that itwill use for the inward and outward movement of glass petals. Theceramic and glass are the main materials that these artists areconsidering. However, they are still not certain about the color of thepetals. The idea behind this sculpture is to provide green stimuli