10 Sep

The Rolling Solar Recliner from Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen

This outdoor reclining chair has three different backrest positions. It also has an adjustable pull …

05 Sep

Romney + Ryan = RIP Clean Energy

Climate Progress

Despite pledging to protect American employment, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney …

06 Jan

The 5 Sickest Solar Sculptures


With the ever-increasing environmental awareness, design houses and architects from around the globe are looking …

03 Jan

The Sun-catcher Solar light sculpture


Sun-catcher sculpture is an innovative way to illuminate a street using solar energy. Artist Dee …

13 Aug

Mirage-like Sculpture That Produces Clean Energy


Light Sanctuary, a mirage-like Sculpture is as green as aesthetically appealing it looks. Designed by …

23 Jun

The Solar Flora Sculpture by Nectar Design


Solar panel designs best define banality. Their very thought invokes a bromidic flat and dusty …

18 Jan

Heliotropis Solar Powered Kinetic Sculpture


Theflower includes solar panels to collect the energy from the sun that itwill use for …