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Utility-Scale Energy Storage to Reach Nearly 150 GW by 2015

Utility-Scale Energy Storage to Reach Nearly 150 GW by 2015

More than 128,000 megawatts of energy storage are currently attached tothe power grid worldwide, and more will be needed if renewable energysources are to be integrated into the modern electrical grid, accordingto ABI Research. Renewable energy sources typically areintermittent by their very nature; solar power facilities don’t generate electricity at night, and wind farms can’t

groSolar, DECK Monitoring Partner On Large-Scale Solar Plant Monitoring

groSolar has expanded its proprietary energy monitoring solution,groEnergy Watch, to include a seamless solution for large-scale solar PV installations. Through a partnership with DECK Monitoring, the companywill be making the improved groEnergy Watch solution available to itsnational network of dealer-installers and commercial installationcustomers in June. The DECK commercial-system platform connectsseamlessly with the groEnergy Watch system

Autodesk Inventor Helps Utility Scale Solar Save Capital and Speed Up Development

Utility Scale Solar Inc. (USS) is successfully using Autodesk Inventorsoftware to accelerate development of its sun-tracking systems, whilesaving millions of dollars in capital investment. USS creditsAutodesk Inc.’s Clean Tech Partner Program, which provides softwaregrants for emerging clean tech companies in North America, and Autodeskreseller KETIV Technologies for introducing the company to DigitalPrototyping with Inventor and

Solaria Now Shipping Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Modules

Solaria Corp., a Fremont, Calif.-headquartered manufacturer of solar modules,has begun shipping its crystalline photovoltaic solar modules to customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Solaria’scrystalline module uses patented technology to provide all thereliability, performance, and quality of a standard silicon module at alower cost, according to the company. Solaria uses only proven,UL-listed materials that are standard

Trina Solar intros powerful utility scale solar module $tsl

Trina Solar Ltd, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products from the production of ingots, wafers and cells to theassembly of PV modules, announced that its subsidiary, Changzhou TrinaSolar Energy Co. Ltd, is launching its new utility-scale solar module(TSM-PC14). Trina Solar will unveil the new TSM-PC14 in May atSolarexpo 2010 in Verona, Italy.


Solar Roadmap Initiatives for Increased Deployment and Community-scale Power

Environment America released a new report recently that outlines theroadmap to meet 10 percent of the country’s energy requirements withsolar by 2030. The study entitled “Building a Solar Future: RepoweringAmerica’s Homes, Businesses and Industry with Solar Energy” evaluates at a variety of solar technologies including photovoltaics,concentrating solar power, solar water heaters, solar space heating, and

Poll Shows Mandate for Utility Scale Solar Amidst Challenges

 As more power providers invest in utility-scale concentrating solar power (CSP) and solar photovoltaic (PV) plantsacross the U.S., some citizens and activist groups have citedenvironmental and sustainability concerns for certain projects. In order to test public opinion, it was evaluated in a recent poll released last week by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and GothamResearch Group


Scale and SCALE

AtGreenBiz.com’s recent State of Green Business 2010 Forum, inventor SaulGriffith (MacArthur fellow, founder of OptiOpia and Wattzon.com)delivered a fascinating keynote on “Putting Numbers Behind GreenBusiness.” A self-confessed “carbon and energy compulsive,” Griffithhas made some elaborate calculations about his own energy footprint(e.g.. the amount of energy his lifestyle requires annually) as well asthe amount of energy

Key Equipment Finance Announces Program To Fund SunPower (SPWRA) Commercial-Scale Solar Systems

Key Equipment Finance just announced that it will be partnering withSunPower (SPWRA) to provide financing for up to $50 million worth ofSunPower commercial-scale solar systems. The program will allowqualified commercial customer to secure capital leases and loans andgovernment entities to secure municipal leases to finance theconstruction of SunPower solar systems from 50 KW to 1

The Top Utility-Scale PV Developers in the United States

Thesize of the utility-scale PV pipeline in the U.S. is highly subjective.If you were to aggregate every project announcement, you’d find wellover 10 GW of projects in various stages of development throughout thecountry. The BLM recently agreed to fast-track its review of 14 solar projectswhich add up to 6.5 GW alone, and prospective project developers


Renewables at the Personal Vs. Utility Scale

My blog at Renewable Energy Worldcontinues to garner some interesting discussion. In particular, we havean ongoing conversation about clean energy solutions at the individual(e.g., house rooftop) vs. the macro (utility) level. As readers know, I favor aggressively implementing one or morerenewables technology at the multi-gigawatt level on a regional basis,creating the financial incentive for this

PNM, First Solar sign contract for 22 MW of utility scale solar power for New Mexico

New Mexico’s largest electric utility, has signed a contract with FirstSolar to construct 22 MW AC of utility scale photovoltaic (PV) solarpower plants in New Mexico. First Solar, based in Tempe,Arizona, will construct the facilities using its advanced PV panels atfive separate sites within PNM’s service territory. The sites will bechosen based on cost, availability


Inverter Innovations In Utility-Scale PV Applications

As sizable economic investments,large-scale photovoltaic power plants require components that canreliably deliver a given project’s promised energy yield throughout itsservice lifetime. For inverter manufacturers, addressing this rapidlygrowing segment of the market demands a departure from their approachesto the residential PV market. Multi-megawatt PV installationstypically include hundreds or thousands of strings that must bemanaged, notes Dr.