ROHAGLAS film saves flexible solar modules

Thin-film solar cells are developing into a rapidly growing marketsegment. If their commercial potential is to be fully exploited, thesolar modules must be produced in a roll-to-roll manufacturing process. Evonik Industries has now developed the "missing link" necessary forcontinuous production: a highly transparent and alsoweathering-resistant barrier film based on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) that can replace glass […] Read more

NREL Develops New Air Conditioning Process That Saves 90% of Energy

The National Renewable Energy Lab has developed a new kind of air conditioning process that can help save about 90 percent energy.Since a major percentage of the energy consumed by an average householdis used up in cooling, 90 percent savings will definitely be huge. These researchers have invented a new process that uses membranes,evaporative cooling […] Read more