Autodesk Inventor Helps Utility Scale Solar Save Capital and Speed Up Development

Utility Scale Solar Inc. (USS) is successfully using Autodesk Inventorsoftware to accelerate development of its sun-tracking systems, whilesaving millions of dollars in capital investment. USS creditsAutodesk Inc.’s Clean Tech Partner Program, which provides softwaregrants for emerging clean tech companies in North America, and Autodeskreseller KETIV Technologies for introducing the company to DigitalPrototyping with Inventor and […] Read more

12 Power Emitting Devices To Help You Save Energy

Energy is vital, and that’s the reason we see electricity companiesstriving to generate those extra watts that are usually wasted due tothe careless attitude of homeowners. This includes everything from being just too busy in work or sluggish enough to get out of the couch tounplug. Industrial designers often come to the rescue with innovativeenergy […] Read more

Solar – The New Plan to Save Civilization

When the first edition of Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stressand a Civilization in Trouble came out in 2003, author Lester Brown was cautiously optimistic about the potential for solar energy to helpstabilize the climate.  But in the updated Plan B 4.0, Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute, is even more sanguine:  Having […] Read more

Save Money by Leasing Solar

Thanks to a new TXU Energy and SolarCity partnership residents of Dallas, Texas will soon have the option to lease a photovoltaic solararray to offset high-energy cost. Similar programs are in place aroundthe world, but in Texas where sprawling suburbs are common and airconditioning in the summer means sky rocketing fuel costs the potentialsavings for […] Read more

Better Efficiency Standards Would Save Billions For U.S. Consumers

If Congress passes climate and energy legislation that strengthensenergy efficiency and renewable energy standards, Americans may seeelectric and natural gas costs fall by $113 billion by 2030.  Inaddition, emitters would pay 4 percent less in compliance costs to meetpotential requirements under a cap-and-trade scheme, according to a newreport by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The […] Read more

Solar Power: Save Money, Increase Home Value

I have been going over some of the bills from the last few years. My utility company, Central Hudson Gas and Electric has been increasingthe cost of electricity by 9% annually. Nine percent per year seems like quite a bit, especially sinceinflation has been running around two to three percent.  The increasesof fuel costs and energy […] Read more