19 Nov

IKEA Builds Largest Solar Roof in South Florida

The Daily Fusion

Last week, IKEA, a Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, announced its plans …

18 Oct

Residential PV Federal Tax Credit

Go Green Solar

At, we are often asked about the federal tax credits that apply to customers …

15 Oct

3 Great Ways to Lower Energy Costs With Alternative Energy

Angelina Brown

  A large number of homeowners are unable to grapple with the rising energy costs. …

20 Sep

RIP: Florida Solar Subsidies (but that’s okay)

Solar Southwest Florida

What was once true has become a myth. In years past, it didn’t make much …

23 Apr

Go Green and Lower Your Taxes?


Governments are now encouraging its citizens to honor and advocate the Go Green project that …

20 Dec

What to Expect With a Mass Save Energy Assessment

Brightstar Solar

In an effort to better understand the process our customers go through for a solar …

07 Dec

Energy Efficient Lighting Could Save U.S. $9 Billion

Green Chip Stocks

TheEnergy Policy Act of 2005 called for the highly criticized extension ofDaylight Savings in an …

19 Oct

New Windows to Save Empire State Building $4.4M Annually

Four separate organizations are teaming to make energy efficiency improvements tothe Empire State Building – …

05 Oct

Will SRECs Save the U.S. Solar Industry?

Greentech Media

California may be the America’s reigning Little Germany for PVinstallations, but states with Solar Renewable …

08 Sep

Save Materials and Saving Costs with PV

Cleantech, Applied

The photovoltaics industry has to be increasingly frugal with its raw materials in order to …

04 Aug

New York Didn’t Get LeBron, But They Will Save $175M on Solar Thermal

Energy Boom

A new solar thermal roadmap [pdf] for New York State announces potential consumer savings of …

23 Jul

7 Ideas to Save PACE

Greentech Media

PACE. It’s the Susan Boyle of greentech policy initiatives. PACE, or property assessed clean energy, …