16 May

Oil Prices and Renewable Energy

The Green Market Oracle

The long-term prospects of solar, wind and other clean sources of energy are tied to …

25 Sep

Mecca: Leading Saudia Arabia Solar Effort


The holy city of Mecca could be the first in Saudia Arabia to host a …

28 Oct

Solar Saudi Arabia is Coming!

Greentech Media

Solar Frontier, a Japanese thin film solar company with big plans (and a 100 percentsubsidiary …

26 Oct

Large CPV System Planned For Saudi Arabia

Solar Industry

SolFocus, a developer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems, says that Vision Electro Mechanical Co., …

19 Aug

Vision Electro Mechanical to Develop Solar Plants in Saudi Arabia


Walking through glorious history of oil production, the world’s most important oil producer Saudi Arabia …

12 Feb

It’s All About Solar Water in Saudi Arabia

Greentech Media

Saudi Arabia got into solar today, but for reasons that are somewhat novel compared to …

19 Nov

$1B Polysilicon Plant in Saudi Arabia

Greentech Media

The First Energy Bank of Bahrain plans to build a polysilicon plantin Saudia Arabia to …

31 Aug

The indirect effects of energy independence

Energy Examiner

Energyindependence and environmental responsibility are not exactly the samething.  They do not have similar goals; …

25 Jun

Showa Shell, Aramco to start Saudi solar project


Japanese oil refiner Showa Shell Sekiyu and Saudi Arabian state oil company Saudi Aramco plan …

24 Jun

Saudi Arabia Takes Solar Plunge


Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, has partneredwith one of Japan’s leading thin-film solar …