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The Tesla Giga Factory

The Tesla Giga Factory

Last week EV pioneer Tesla Motors announced strong fourth-quarter results with record shipments and gross margin. Its investor newsletter also included a tantalizing paragraph: Very shortly, we will be ready to share more information about the Tesla Giga factory. This will allow us to achieve a major reduction in the cost of our battery packs and accelerate the pace of


Solar: Big in Japan for 2013

Can solar replace retired nuclear in Japan? Will Japan’s booming solar market have legs or will it fade like a FIT? Before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan had about 50 gigawatts of electrical capacity from 50 nuclear reactors. Just two of those reactors have been restarted — but others will come on-line as they pass


Sanyo Solar Panels to be Rebranded as Panasonic

Top-performing Sanyo HIT solar panels from premier solar panel manufacturer Sanyo Electronics will officially be re-branded as Panasonic HIT solar panels effective April 1, 2012, according to a press release from the company. Run on Sun has been a Sanyo, make that Panasonic, dealer since our inception and we continue to believe that the Sanyo/Panasonic

Sanyo Panels on Buggy on Singapore Golf Course

If everything goes well, Singapore golfers will soon be seen enjoying a green ride on solar buggies. The owner of Marina Bay Golf Course is presently performing a feasibility trial in collaboration with Sanyo and Singapore Polytechnic by retrofitting a buggy with two solar panels to help charge thelead-acid battery required to power the vehicle.


Sanyo Solar Bicycle Stands in Tokyo

Sanyo Electric hasopened a new stand for motor-assisted electric bikes in Tokyo. This isthe second such solar-powered bike stand in the area and these twostands can offer a total of 100 motor-assisted bikes for rent. Thestation features 36 solar panels, which generate renewable electricityto recharge the station’s battery bank. The station’s battery bank stores 9.7KWh


The Solarve Bus by Sanyo

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sanyo has unveiled a futuristic vehicle called the Solarve Bus that’s green both inside and out. The green solar machine uses solarpower to provide juice for the bus’ lights and air filters that keep the interiors more comfortable. The vehicle’s roof carries photovoltaic panels to generate renewable electricity, which reduces engine load.


Sanyo Completes Battery Factory

Eco-friendly vehicles of the future will now have something more to make them closer to reality. Out go the days of gasoline guzzling carbonemitting cars that we’ve been using for decades. The world is nowrolling out a red carpet for these clean green cars that are receivingtechnology boosts day by day. Sanyo now has a

Sanyo Creates More Efficient Solar Panel

Sanyo (TYO:6764) recentlyannounced it has developed its most efficient solar panel to-date.  The HIT-N230 willhave an efficiency of 20.7% — an efficiency conversion rate onlyrecently surpassed by SunPower’s latest solar panel. The HIT series solar cells contain a singlethin crystalline wafer of silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphouslayers of silicon. Sanyo achieves these efficiencies by increasing


SANYO Plans Entry Into European PV Market

SANYOElectric plans to begin full-scale development andexpansion of its solar and energy solutions business in the Europeanmarket this year. SANYO says it is aiming to achieve a businessscale of 800 million euros in its solar and energy solutions business in Europe by March 2016, providing photovoltaic modules, lithium-ionbattery systems, energy management systems that include controllers,

Sanyo Teams Up With UCSD on Solar and Batteries

To remain among the top three suppliers ofsolar-panel solutions tied to ‘smart energy’ systems, Sanyo is bettingon delivering better R&D, and working with the Ivory Tower. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Sanyo NorthAmerica jointly announced an agreement to collaborate on theUniversity’s energy-storage project. The two entities revealed detailsof a multi-year, multi-disciplinary agreement