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The Commercial Rooftop Solar Revolution

The Commercial Rooftop Solar Revolution

The United States has over 4,000 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaics (PV) connected to the grid, with the pace of new installations accelerating as the price continues to fall. There has never been a better opportunity for Americans to generate their own electricity on-site nor such a challenge to the electricity system paradigm and for


RE-volv: Crowdfunding Community Solar Installations

Andreas Karelas founded RE-volv in 2011. He started the organization, he says, “out of a sense of frustration felt by many of us working for clean energy. The change isn’t happening fast enough and if it’s going to happen now, we’ll have to do it ourselves. There’s a huge opportunity here to mobilize people who


In Focus: Los Angeles Solar Rebates and Tax Credits

Solar power in Los Angeles makes perfect sense: on average, the city is blessed with over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. LA also offers solar rebates and other incentives to help encourage homeowners and businesses to invest in solar panels. The program is a little complicated, and LA rolled out revised solar rebates last


Solar + Nanotechnolgy: The Future of Energy

One of our Solar Energy World Facebook fans requested a blog post about solar power and nanotechnology. These two technologies combined could pave the way for even more efficient and cost effective solar power generation in the future. This post will give an overview of the concept of nanotechnology, and the effect that it may


Brazil: Solar Cheaper than Grid Electricity

It’s happening! The cost of electricity from rooftop solar power is becoming cost-competitive with grid-supplied electricity in Brazil—and sometimes cheaper. That’s according to a new report from the country’s energy department, Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica. As South America’s largest country and likely it’s wealthiest, having the price of rooftop solar come to parity with grid-based


The Difference Between a Solar Lease and a Solar PPA

What’s the Difference Between a Solar Lease and a Solar Power Purchase Agreement? For those of you who are comparing different options for going solar, your main choices are purchasing a system as an addition to your home, buying a new or upgraded home with solar already integrated as a feature, buying your electricity utility-style


Solar System Purchase vs. Power Purchase Agreement

Long before there were any federal or state funds to help offset the initial investment of a residential solar system, installations were on the rise.  Solar adoption has increased significantly since the inception of the federal solar tax incentive in 2006, which rebates 30% of the purchase price of the system.  In 2007, the California


Solar Investing Goes Mainstream

Thousands of Americans log in to online trading accounts every day to manage personal stock portfolios. Now, there’s a new option for individual investors. I recently took advantage of this option by creating an account with Solar Mosaic and investing a small amount of money, along with about 85 other individuals, in a 26-kilowatt rooftop solar


Solar Growth: Mostly Rooftop or Utility?

Along with the emergence of three distinct ownership models (customer-owned, third-party-owned, and utility-owned), the U.S. photovoltaic (PV) market has grown, over the last ten years, at an average annual rate of approximately 70 percent, according to GTM Research. Just-released GTM Research numbers show no slowing of growth in the sector. Q1 2012 was solar PV’s