Home Solar Will Have Another Boom Year in 2014

This year’s outlook for cleaner fuels is bright, according to a recent report from the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). But it is much brighter for some technologies than others. Solar and wind specifically, which remain the cleanest of the cleantechs in the emerging global renewables market, have a very promising future. The same […] Read more

Solar for Low Income Families

Although solar panels for homes have dropped in price over the last decade, they still require an investment to purchase outright and install. While this is an affordable possibility for many middle class families, especially given the long term energy savings, it may be difficult for low income households to save money and make such […] Read more

Mosaic Launches Residential Solar Crowdfunding Fund

This morning (FEb. 6) Mosaic announced that it partnered with Connecticut’s green bank, the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) and Sungage Financial to fund $5 million in crowdsourced loans for solar installations. Over the past year or so Mosaic has announced numerous projects throughout the U.S., from New Jersey to California and elsewhere, all of […] Read more

Rooftop Solar: Adding Jobs Left and Right

Thanks in large part to the increasing attractiveness of rooftop solar installations, the solar industry added one of every 142 new jobs created in the United States last year, according to the annual National Solar Jobs Census released this week by nonprofit The Solar Foundation. “When you install a solar panel, you create a local job […] Read more

In Focus: Rockstar Solar Schools

With schools striving to save money, go green, and teach their students about clean energy, many schools are going solar to meet goals. Not only does going solar help schools save money, but it supplies an enormous opportunity for students to receive firsthand experience in clean energy. These skills can be used to help students […] Read more

Passive Solar in the Home

While solar power has become prevalent in the mainstream construction business in the past decade, passive solar design has been used around the world for thousands of years. Ceramic tiles and stones walls in the Mediterranean made it possible to keep homes cool even under the scorching heat of the summer sun. Likewise, small window […] Read more

Soft Costs: The Most Expensive Part of Solar Install

With the precipitous drop in prices to manufacture solar modules - down 75% over the past four years, so-called “soft costs” are now the most expensive part of installing residential solar systems – 64% of the total price. Previous research pegged soft costs at 50% of the total price for installing a solar system. National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) conducted that research in […] Read more

Walmart the Greenwasher

Although Walmart makes regular announcements about its progress toward sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions are growing, not declining. In fact, since Walmart launched its greenhouse reduction effort in 2005, self-reported emissions are up 14%, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing climate polluters in the country, says “Walmart’s Assault on the Climate,” a report released by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. On the Greenhouse Gas 100 list, […] Read more

APS Loses Battle Against Solar

The first battle between a large electrical utility and consumers dedicated to choice, competition and clean energy ended this week with a bunt by Arizona Power Services (APS) and the Arizona Corporation Commission.  The commission in  a 3-2 decision opted to lower APS requested rate of almost $7.00/KW/Month to $0.70/KW/Month as a grid maintenance and […] Read more

Solar Homeowners and The Federal Tax Credit

When most consumers set out to do research about solar panels, they will eventually come across the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This tax credit allows you to claim up to 30% of the price you pay to install solar panels, which discounts the cost going solar significantly. The credit has no limit and will […] Read more

In Focus: Residential Solar Financing

Residential solar financing is a complicated business. It is complicated not only for homeowners who have to decide what product to buy and which company to buy it from, but it is also complicated for those on the business side, who have to sort out permitting procedures, state incentive programs, make financial models based on […] Read more

Los Angeles: The Solar Rooftop Leader

With the flip of a switch, Los Angeles officials today inaugurated the nation’s largest rooftop solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program, enabling hundreds of building owners to create solar power plants on their rooftops and sell solar power to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) for distribution on the city’s power grid. All […] Read more

Sunrun Announces $630M in Residential Solar Investments

With Sunrun’s announcement of $630 million in three new solar investments for residential solar, the third-party ownership model of solar will continue to drive unprecedented growth in the industry. Third-party ownership (TPO) employs a lease-like arrangement that provides homeowners and businesses with rooftop installations without burdensome upfront costs or ownership responsibilities. Because of a 30 […] Read more

America’s Problem with Solar

Each day, our industry sits down and whittles the unsightly knots off the tree we call solar energy. We, as a group, spend more time than we should pointing to one of a growing number of reasons why solar energy isn’t taking hold in America: that perhaps our government incentives were cut too quickly, that […] Read more