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Harvard University Looks to Solar Energy

In 2001, Harvard University bought the Watertown office complex, a750,000-square-foot property, for $162,641,000. Formerly known as theArsenal on the Charles, the site was built in 1816 to produce weaponsand ammunition for Navy ships, used during both World Wars for similarpurposes, and even had its own nuclear reactor. Then, in 1994, it wasclosed. In 2001, the

San Francisco Solar Powered Bus Shelter

Situatedat Geary and Arguello boulevards in the Richmond District, the new busshelter features an undulating solar roof that calls to mind both thehills of San Francisco and a seismic wave (this is earthquake territoryafter all!) The roof is constructed from an innovative 40%post-industrial recycled polycarbonate material embedded with thin-filmphotovoltaic cells, and the steel structure is


DIY Residential Solar Boom?

This is another take on a recent panel at Intersolar… Michael Kanellos moderated an engaging panel on the trends and increasingly compelling math in residential solar power. Oneof the biggest pain points in the residential solar market is thelabor, permitting, time, and cost necessary to install solar panels ona rooftop.  According to Barry Cinnamon, the


Products at Intersolar: Day 1

We’re here in San Fransisco at Intersolar 2009 dedicated to show yousome products that we found interesting on the trade show floor. Let’stake a look at these innovative products that improving performance,installation and aesthetics. Schuco Ballasted Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounting: Installingsolar panels on top of a flat commercial roof can be a challenge to

Solar Summer in the City

If when you think of solar panels, you envision stretches of thedesert filled with the deep-blue glint of enormous solar arrays, you’renot wrong. That’s the environment in which solar power is both mostefficient and most cost effective. But did you realize that solarpanels on your townhouse or high-rise in an urban environment can alsobe incredibly