21 Aug

Residential Solar: Ready to Take Off?

Yale Environment 360

It seems like the ultimate in green technology for an emissions-savvy citizen of the 21st …

09 Aug

The Best Kind of Roof for Solar

POCO Solar Energy

Here is the second of three batches of questions we commonly field from consumers interested …

06 Jan

The Intelligent Solar Roof at Erasmus University


Paul de Ruiter Architects have unveiled their designs for the Erasmus University’s studentpavilion that aims …

22 Dec

Installing Solar Panels on a Spanish S-tile Roof

Go Green Solar

Installing solar panels on Spanish S-Tile or Curved Tile can be one of the mostdifficult …

15 Nov

Gold River Productions (GRPS) discusses its PV, solar roof

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

John Ohlin, president and CEO of Gold River Productions Inc. (GRPS)reported that the company’s patent …

01 Nov

Solar Roof Coming to Mercedes Benz LKS 2012


It’s time for some green stylish action from Mercedes Benz. Afterruling the market with its …

30 Oct

Record-Setting Solar Roof Installed at GlaxoSmithKline $GSK

The pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has beguninstalling what it says is North America’s largest photovoltaic (PV)rooftop solar energy …

09 Aug

How Big a Roof is Needed for Solar PV, Hot Water or Both?

How do you allocate roof space for both a solar PV system and a solar …

12 Jul

Attaching Solar Panels to a Metal Roof

Go Green Solar

The electrical side of installing a solar electric system is a pretty straight forward process …

22 Jun

Tegolasolare Embeds Solar Panels in Roof Tiles


Recent advancements in photovoltaic technology have been encouraging for manufacturers who are finding possible ways …

19 Feb

Making Solar Panels Part of the Roof

Energy Boom

Recently, building products company CertainTeed unveiled a new photovoltaic roofing panel, EnerGen, for residential applications. …

11 Feb

New Kia Plug-In Hybrid Sporting Solar Roof


KiaMotors America unveiled the Ray plug-in hybrid concept car during apress conference at the 2010 …