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How Big a Roof is Needed for Solar PV, Hot Water or Both?

How Big a Roof is Needed for Solar PV, Hot Water or Both?

How do you allocate roof space for both a solar PV system and a solar hot water system? True solar enthusiasts occasionally runinto this type of dilemma. It’s most common to see one or the other on an individual roof, but the space requirements for thesecomplementary technologies add another dimension to choosing between photovoltaics (PV)

Attaching Solar Panels to a Metal Roof

The electrical side of installing a solar electric system is a pretty straight forward process although when itcomes to the mechanical aspect of attaching solar panels there can be alot of variances based on the type of roof. One of our customerswas involved with a new home construction project that had a standingseam metal roof.


Tegolasolare Embeds Solar Panels in Roof Tiles

Recent advancements in photovoltaic technology have been encouraging for manufacturers who are finding possible ways to encourage homeowners to deck out their roofs with solar panels. Tegolasolare thinks that embedding solar panels in traditional looking rooftiles might just solve the purpose. The Italian company has developedred clay tiles that look like traditional terracotta tiles, but

Making Solar Panels Part of the Roof

Recently, building products company CertainTeed unveiled a new photovoltaic roofing panel, EnerGen, for residential applications. The EnerGen system features integrated Uni-Solar thin-filmphotovoltaic laminates that seamlessly integrate with traditionalasphalt roofing shingles and provide utility savings for homeowners.The lightweight and flexible design requires no rooftop penetrations,making the system easier for conventional roofing contractors toinstall while maintaining roof

New Kia Plug-In Hybrid Sporting Solar Roof

KiaMotors America unveiled the Ray plug-in hybrid concept car during apress conference at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. The design team has putin a lot of effort to better the vehicle’s aerodynamics by giving it alonger tail. Moreover, the vehicle’s four-inch lower roof alsoincreases its efficiency. TheKia uses a direct injected inline-four in combination with

The Energy Roof by Coop Himmelb(l)au

As part of the “Walking through the History” research project for the University of Perugia, the Energy Roof project was designed by Vienna-based Coop Himmelb(l)au. The architectural design was unveiled earlier this month by founderand CEO Wolf D. Prix during a press conference in Perugia, Italy. The striking structure, wedged between several historical buildings,melds the

The “Energy Roof” in Perugia

A roof that generates electricity and looks like an architecturalwonder will be used as a canopy along the Via Mazzini in Perugia.   Designed by Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO of COOPHIMMELB(L)AU, the ‘Energy Roof’ will generate electricity for the city.The west wing of the roof captures solar energy while the east wingcaptures

Solar on our roof

Ourcorporate offices, in White River Junction, VT, are in a sharedbuilding on Old River Road and  we’re very excited because our landlordis going solar! RSD Companies,a trucking and transportation company (and also our landlord), will bepurchasing power from a 101kW system that will be installed by us onour roof! This is the largest installation east

Color-Changing Roof Tiles At MIT

Energy Secretary Steven Chu says painting all the nation’s black roofs a heat-reflecting white could cut global warming. But white isn’t that popular a color for rooftops. And what aboutwintertime, when black roofs help cut home heating bills by absorbingthe sun’s heat? A team of graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology think they

Boots on the Roof Alumni Succeeds in the Solar World!

The opportunities in solar energy are there.  I know people who areinvolved in the new industry and earning a living installing solarenergy onto homes and business all across America.  We’re proud to saythat Boots on the RoofAlumni are making an impact and becoming successful in their newroles.  After taking a class to install, design and

Stylish Roof Solar Panels Are Coming!

Move over, traditional solar panels. A better-looking, more efficient solar product is coming to a roof near you! SRS Energy hasdesigned an attractive roofing product that blends right in withroofing tiles many of us are familiar with. Sole Power Tiles, touted asbeing the first ever “building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofingproduct designed for curved roofing systems”, made

Solar Bus Stop by Johann Paquelier

Oneof the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is to make use ofpublic transport. It might sound easy, but many believe that waitingfor a bus is the hardest thing to do after a rough day at work.Industrial designer Johann Paquelier has tried to make your waitcomfortable and illuminated under a sustainable shelter. Thecost-efficient bus