04 Feb

White Roofs: The Cool Roofs


It’s no surprise that white roofs triumph over black ones when it comes to mitigating climate …

23 Sep

Green Buses Get Green Roofs


Green roofs are one of the latest trends in sustainable building, and for good reason: …

24 Aug

Solar: The Great Payback?

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

The most common question I hear when discussing the value of solar is to ask: …

17 Jun

SunRun Wants Utilities to Innovate Rooftop Solar


As the cost of distributed solar, like rooftop solar, continues to become cheaper for home …

14 May

5 Insane American Eco Rooftops


As we move further into the early years of the 21st century, there is a …

09 Apr

How To: Build A Solar Roof


A green roof is a roof which can either be partially or fully covered by …

01 Apr

Facebook Slaps Massive Green Roof on New HQ


Facebook has the green light from Menlo Park’s city council to build a huge second campus that connects to …

18 Mar

FUTUREWATCH: Heliostats On Buildings


You never know when one technology can be used for something else. In this case, …

08 Mar

Solar Freedom Now: On A Mission to Lower Cost of Rooftop Solar


The recently formed solar advocacy organization Solar Freedom Now (SFN) is on a mission to …

12 Dec

The Commercial Rooftop Solar Revolution

CleanEdison Blog

The United States has over 4,000 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaics (PV) connected to the …

11 Dec

RE-volv: Crowdfunding Community Solar Installations


Andreas Karelas founded RE-volv in 2011. He started the organization, he says, “out of a …

03 Dec

Solar Panel Recalls or Repairs? Look to Centex

Founder's Blog

Recalls can be messy – but they are made worse when the company performing the …