07 Jan

Solar: $10B in 2013 in VC Funding


In all the solar sector drew almost $10 billion in venture capital, debt and public …

15 Apr

FUTUREWATCH: Sensors Embedded in Roads

The Daily Fusion

In many countries there are regulations in place to prevent trailer owners from overloading their …

30 Oct

FUTUREWATCH: Self-Healing Concrete

2050 Magazine

Researchers at Delft Technical University in the Netherlands have developed a bacterial additive for concrete, …

29 Apr

Solar Roadways: Powering the United States?

Solar Roadways, the futuristic project thought up by an Idaho engineer about whom we first …

18 Apr

In Focus: Solar Roadways


Imagine covering all our sun-drenched roads with solar panels instead of concrete and asphalt - that’s what …

22 Nov

Capturing Solar Energy from Asphalt Roads

Energy Boom

Scientists at the University of Rhode Island (URI) are developing ways to convert the solar …

16 Nov

More Than 1M Electric Cars on Asian Roads by 2015

Yale Environment 360

National and local incentives promoting the use of electric vehicles in Asia will help put …

09 Sep

The Potential of Solar Roads

Energy Boom

Imagine a world-wide system where the "lit" half of the world is always powering the …

06 Apr

Overweight solar-powered rickshaws pulled of roads in India


A disappointment to the green community in India, solar-powered rickshaws have been pulled off the …

28 Aug

Solar Roadways


Whileroof-top solar installations are a great way to keep your home off thegrid, highways offer …