18 Dec

Solar Road Printer Sprays Icons On the Road


TheRoad Printer by industrial designer Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim and HongjuKim is a conceptual device …

10 Nov

Road to Copenhagen, Part 6: Tragedy of the commons vs. action by the uncommon

Climate Progress

Members ofCongress are the custodians of a sacred trust: to protect the vitalityand integrity of …

09 Nov

Road to Copenhagenm, Part 5: Leadership vs. Negativism

Climate Progress

During his 10 months in office, President Barack Obama and his team have assembled an …

06 Nov

Road to Copenhagen, Part 4: A New Social Contract

Climate Progress

As we approach the climate conference in Copenhagen, politicians arebalking and diplomats are burning the …

05 Nov

Road to Copenhagen, Part 3: Re-Tooling Industry

Climate Progress

Incase we need more evidence that an urgent economic transformation isrequired to avoid catastrophic climate …

04 Nov

Road to Copenhagen, Part 2: Risky Business

Climate Progress

The evidence is irrefutable: Climate change poses enormous risks toeconomic stability, public health, ecosystem services, …

03 Nov

Road to Copenhagen, Part 1: Doing the Climate Shuffle

Climate Progress

There’s a familiar dance being performed on the world stage. It’scalled the Climate Shuffle.  It …

08 Sep

DOT Awards $100K for Super-Smart Solar Roadways Prototype

Energy Boom

The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded a $100,000contract to Solar Roadways for the development …