28 Jan

Electric Car Drivers: Major Tempers?


Electric cars parked at charging stations at offices and public spaces in California’s Silicon Valley …

02 Jun

Tesla Takes Supercharger Network Transcontinental

The Daily Fusion

Tesla Motors announced yesterday a significant expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network—a network of 480-volt …

23 Jan

In Focus: Carbon Neutral Concrete from CarbonCure

Green Building Canada

Concrete, the world’s most abundant man-made substance, ranks second to coal as the world’s dirtiest …

17 Aug

Solar Traffic Lights Come to Durban, South Africa

Energy Refuge

The municipality of eThekwini in Durban, South Africa, has greenlighted a new project of solar …

02 Aug

U.S + Spain = Killing it in CSP


Spain and the United States are leading the world in Concentrated Solar Power installations, according …

28 Jun

The E-470 Solar Toll Road


E-470, a toll road around the Denver area, just added solar over a 17-mile stretch. …

21 Dec

The Solar Generation Road Trip


See foryourself how solar is working for America. Following the sun across thenation, the SEIA …

21 Nov

SEIA Road Trip Shows How Solar is Helping America

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), an industry trade group, is taking a new approach …

12 Oct

E Turbines: Combining Wind Energy with the Open Road


It sometimes seems as if wind energy innovation is happening on analmost daily basis. However, …

22 Jun

2010 American Solar Challenge Underway

Energy Boom

The 2010 AmericanSolar Challenge (ASC2010) is officially underway! On Saturday, solar-powered vehicles took off at …

13 May

Solar Thermal Consortium Unveils Road Map For New York

Solar Industry

TheSolar Thermal Consortium has introduced a road map designed toestablish New York as a national …

18 Feb

Greentech VC Funding Update From Sand Hill Road

Greentech Media

Lawfirm Orrick hosted another of its semi-regular greentech events.  You’dbe surprised by how many people …