Electric Car Drivers: Major Tempers?

Electric cars parked at charging stations at offices and public spaces in California’s Silicon Valley have been unplugged by frustrated fellow electric car drivers looking for a spot to plug in. A Chevy Volt owner complained publicly on an Internet message board that a Nissan Leaf owner had unplugged his car without explanation. On Twitter, […] Read more

Tesla Takes Supercharger Network Transcontinental

Tesla Motors announced yesterday a significant expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network—a network of 480-volt fast charging stations developed to allow the Model S sedans to make long distance trips. The rapid-charging station provides almost 100 kW of power, giving the 85 kWh version of the Model S an additional 150 mi (240 km) of […] Read more

In Focus: Carbon Neutral Concrete from CarbonCure

Concrete, the world’s most abundant man-made substance, ranks second to coal as the world’s dirtiest industrial material. Now, a company in Halifax, Canada, is working to make concrete plants carbon neutral, using captured CO2 to improve their product. By injecting CO2 into concrete during production, CarbonCure sequesters stores that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere. According to Sean Monkman, […] Read more

Solar Traffic Lights Come to Durban, South Africa

The municipality of eThekwini in Durban, South Africa, has greenlighted a new project of solar powered traffic lights. Funded by the state-owned power utility Eskom and implemented by ZRW Mechanika and Saint Gobain Solar, the project uses CIS solar modules to power lights at four intersections. Each system features 16 panels and each panels has […] Read more

U.S + Spain = Killing it in CSP

Spain and the United States are leading the world in Concentrated Solar Power installations, according to a report from British energy intelligence firm GBI. Spain, with more than 1,000 megawatts of installed CSP, has 65 percent of the world’s CSP capacity. The US has about a third. The next country in the lineup is Algeria with […] Read more

The E-470 Solar Toll Road

E-470, a toll road around the Denver area, just added solar over a 17-mile stretch. The project is among the first solar-powered highways in the U.S. and may be the longest stretch in the nation. The 696 kilowatt project, which consists of 22 separate arrays, was commissioned at a ceremony on June 27. It was […] Read more

The Solar Generation Road Trip

See foryourself how solar is working for America. Following the sun across thenation, the SEIA film crew take a first-hand look at how solar isworking for America and meet today’s solar generation: the projectdevelopers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients – thepeople who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes,businesses […] Read more

SEIA Road Trip Shows How Solar is Helping America

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), an industry trade group, is taking a new approach to educate the American public about the benefits of solar energy. Yesterday, the organization introduced a new campaign entitled “TheSolar Generation USA Road Trip,” during which award-winning directorAlan Blake took a 3-week trip from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to LosAngeles, California in order […] Read more

E Turbines: Combining Wind Energy with the Open Road

It sometimes seems as if wind energy innovation is happening on analmost daily basis. However, where in some fields innovations may takeon drastically different forms, there are only so many ways to changethe way a turbine works. Still, many wind energy based companies aretrying to find the best way to maximize wind’s potential. A concept […] Read more

2010 American Solar Challenge Underway

The 2010 AmericanSolar Challenge (ASC2010) is officially underway! On Saturday, solar-powered vehicles took off at noon from BrokenArrow, Oklahoma, en route to the Chicago suburb of Naperville. ASC is acompetition where students design, build and drive solar-poweredvehicles in a rally event. This year’s event marks the 20th anniversaryof the ASC. In an effort to promote […] Read more

Solar Thermal Consortium Unveils Road Map For New York

TheSolar Thermal Consortium has introduced a road map designed toestablish New York as a national leader in solar heat and coolingtechnologies. Developed over the past six months by more than 130 industrial, academic and governmental representatives, the SolarThermal Roadmap creates a path to move New York state toward 2,000 MW of solar thermal capacity – […] Read more

Greentech VC Funding Update From Sand Hill Road

Lawfirm Orrick hosted another of its semi-regular greentech events.  You’dbe surprised by how many people come out early in the morning for freecoffee and greentech chat in Silicon Valley — 150 people gathered tolisten in to this panel focused on venture funding. Joe Muscatof Ernst & Young spoke about VC numbers in greentech.  According toErnst […] Read more

Solar Road Printer Sprays Icons On the Road

TheRoad Printer by industrial designer Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim and HongjuKim is a conceptual device that can be used to print signs onto theroad surface by harvesting solar energy by an onboard solar panel. Thedevice is aimed to ease the task of printing road signs such as U Turn,Bus, Arrow Sign and Stop Sign at […] Read more

Road to Copenhagen, Part 6: Tragedy of the commons vs. action by the uncommon

Members ofCongress are the custodians of a sacred trust: to protect the vitalityand integrity of the extraordinary experiment the Founders began.  Forexample, the debate about climate change isn’t just about polar bearsand energy prices. It’s about whether a free people will be aresponsible people, a capitalist economy will be a caring economy and ademocracy will […] Read more