Apple Claims Green is Still A Priority

One thinks of Apple CEO Tim Cook as being an extremely calm person, but he drew a hard line against a conservative faction of shareholders who complained that the company should focus entirely on its bottom line, and knock off its demand for renewable energy and its participation in other sustainability initiatives aimed at stemming climate […] Read more

2014: The Year of the Solar Supply Crunch?

For the better part of the past two years, the phrase “capacity expansion” in the PV manufacturing industry had been about as fashionable as a Nickelback t-shirt at an indie rock concert. That is, until recently. After a prolonged dry period, the past quarter has witnessed a spate of announcements by firms across the PV […] Read more

The Greenest Superbowl Ever

These days, US sport teams and stadiums are competing on who is the greenest, with energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling and composting becoming common in the professional sports world. Once again, the National Football League (NFL) says it will serve up the greenest Super Bowl ever at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey. Although it only got a […] Read more

Walgreen’s First Net-Zero Retail Store Opens for Business

Sporting two wind turbines, 850 solar panels and a geothermal system burrowed 550 feet into the ground,Walgreens has opened the first net-zero energy retail store in the US. Walgreens is the largest drug store chain in the nation. Located in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, Walgreen’s president of operations Mark Wagner said at the ribbon cutting, “We have facilities that […] Read more

Walmart the Greenwasher

Although Walmart makes regular announcements about its progress toward sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions are growing, not declining. In fact, since Walmart launched its greenhouse reduction effort in 2005, self-reported emissions are up 14%, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing climate polluters in the country, says “Walmart’s Assault on the Climate,” a report released by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. On the Greenhouse Gas 100 list, […] Read more

China: Now The World’s Largest Solar Market

In October 2013 NPD Solarbuzz Inc. (Santa Clara, California, U.S.) published a new analysis which estimates that China represented 25% of the 9 GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) demand in the third quarter of 2013. “The emergence of China in driving PV demand is impacting both global end-market figures and is also having a profound […] Read more

IKEA Builds Largest Solar Roof in South Florida

Last week, IKEA, a Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, announced its plans to install solar panels on the roof of its new Miami-Dade-area store under construction in Sweetwater, FL. Pending permits, installation of solar panels on the store’s roof will begin in several months, with opening in summer 2014. The array will be the […] Read more

Treehouse’s One-Stop Shop for Solar

Few people walk into a car dealership and ask to see all of the 2.0 liter engines or only the 200 horsepower cars. Those technical specs are important, but most people shop by model, price or features. Yet homeowners that want to install solar panels often find themselves buried in a mound of technical details […] Read more

In Focus: Solar vs. Utilities

Recently-amended energy bill, AB 327, awaits signature from Governor Brown Just a couple of months ago, California Assembly Bill 327 was met with fierce criticism from solar advocates throughout California. It was this rallying cry of opposition, however, that ultimately resulted in key revisions to this bill, making it a step in the right direction […] Read more

Bloomberg Reports Global Solar Surpasses Wind

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 33.8GW of new onshore wind farms, plus 1.7GW of offshore wind, will be added globally in 2013. This compares with its median forecast of 36.7GW of new photovoltaic, or PV, capacity. This year is set to be the first in which PV has added more megawatts than wind. In […] Read more

Net Metering: The Secret to New York’s Solar Success

As reported by Vote Solar last week, there’s exciting news on the New York solar front: the New York Public Service Commission just approved a decision to triple the state’s net metering cap.  Click here for more details and the decision. New York has given a nod to net metering and its importance as a cornerstone solar policy. As […] Read more

M2M Communications: Will it Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Call it what you will — the “industrial internet,” the “internet of things,” or “machine-to-machine communications” (M2M) — the seamless connectivity of devices is becoming one of the core drivers of the clean energy transition. There are now 1.3 billion M2M devices in operation around the world. By 2020, there will be 12.5 billion in […] Read more

SolarCity Helps Walgreens Go Solar in Colorado

Walgreens and SolarCity will join forces to install solar systems at 22 drugstores across Colorado, the equivalent of planting more than 25,000 trees over the next two decades. Today marked the completion of the first Colorado drugstore: the Aurora Walgreens on E. Smokey Hill Road and Aurora Parkway. The achievement was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting […] Read more

Walmart Boosts Solar Production in Ohio

The amount of solar used in Ohio is about to rise by 10% – why? Simply because Walmart is installing solar PV on the roofs of 12 stores in the state. This demonstrates the influence a huge corporation’s shift to renewable energy can have. With 4.5 megawatts of solar, Walmart has about a tenth of […] Read more