14 Jun

In Focus: GRID Alternatives

Go Green Solar

Established in 2001, GRID Alternatives is a nonprofit organization that provides low income communities access …

14 Jun

How Clouds Affect Solar

Solar Power Rocks

While solar panels generate the most electricity on clear days with abundant sunshine (not surprisingly), …

14 Jun

SolarCity Gets $250M in Funding from U.S. Bancorp

Greentech Media

For the sixth time, U.S. Bancorp has put up major funding to partner with SolarCity …

13 Jun

First Solar Panels to Power 30,000 Homes

Green Chip Stocks

First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) recently announced it will design, construct and maintain two utility-scale PV power …

11 Jun

SolarCity, Panasonic Both Working on Home Energy Storage Solutions


Before grid-tied solar, many people bought a battery along with a solar system to keep the lights on during cloudy days. …

11 Jun

IBM Software to Power NYC Solar Hub


In an innovative project to bring solar to cities across the world and reduce the …

11 Jun

3 Sick Eco Homes in the UK


The first eco-friendly home on the list has been featured before on Channel 4’s Grand …

08 Jun

SMART NY Campaigns to Reduce NYC Solar Barriers


The City University of New York (CUNY) and its partners this evening unveiled the multi-pronged …

07 Jun

3 Tips for your Solar Switch


Deciding to use solar power as an alternative energy source can be both a great …

06 Jun

Green vs Brown Energy


It’s becoming more and more common for energy suppliers to offer the option of brown …

05 Jun

Solar Shingles: They Aren’t Ugly Anymore


Combining solar technology with standard roofing materials, solar shingles are one of the hottest building-integrated …

31 May

Vermont: Taming the Solar Permitting Beast

Greentech Media

The state of Vermont might have solved the problem of solar’s ‘soft costs’ — as …