How Fiberglass Can Regulate Heat Loss

There is diversified reason for which insulation becomes important for the home. The chief functionality of insulation is to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the house. The temperature can be either cool or warm whichever make the inhabitant of the house feel more comfortable. Due to extreme weather conditions sometimes the house gets affected. However, […] Read more

Clean Power Finance Unleashes $300 for Residential Solar

$300 million isn’t a small number. But that’s how much is now available for residential solar leases through a tax-equity fund created by Clean Power Finance through a partnership with MS Solar Solutions Corp. owned by Morgan Stanley, Main Street Power Co. and Zions Bancorporation and other investors. It’s the largest fund to support residential […] Read more

Other Types of Energy Used in Solar Power Systems

Whether you have added solar power to your existing home or designed it in as you built, the question frequently arises; what other type of energy should be used in tandem with your new solar power system. It would be nice to just survive on solar power alone by virtue of solid design and planning […] Read more

Low-Income Housing Residents Going Solar

Until recently, the low-income housing community has been a tough nut for the solar industry to crack. Low-income housing developments have historically avoided going solar due to the obvious difficulties of incorporating high-cost, discretionary photovoltaic (PV) systems into affordable housing. However, a unique mix of local, utility, and federal support combined with a little financial […] Read more

Sunray Solar Offering PPAs in Jersey

Folks in New Jersey just got a bigger opportunity to go solar with no upfront costs thanks to a new partnership between Sunray Solar and Clean Power Finance. Under the new agreement Clean Power Finance will provide the backing for Sunray Financial Services, which will offer homeowners power-purchase agreements (PPAs). Sunray’s energy supply contract lowers […] Read more

97% of Americans Overestimate the Cost of Installing Solar Panels

There’s been a lot of talk about solar power and renewable energy lately. This has caused people to look beyond conventional fuel sources to sustainable alternatives that not only offer a cheap solution in the long run, but help preserve the environment as well. But solar energy and other similar renewables are still a relatively […] Read more

SunRun Invests $150 Million In Home Solar Systems

A subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp today announced the creation of a new renewable energy tax equity fund with Sunrun to support the purchase and installation of more than $150 million in residential solar systems across the United States. Sunrun is a market leader in home solar and this is the company’s sixth renewable energy tax […] Read more

Free Solar in Massachusetts

Last year, a number of companies offered sweepstakes for free solar photovoltaic arrays to homeowners as part of spring and summer promotions. It looks like 2012 will hold the same and it appears that the first company out of the gate with a solar sweepstakes is Mercury Solar Systems, which is offering Massachusetts residents an […] Read more

Dow Solar Shingles Now Available in Texas

Dow Solar announced its move into the central Texas market with its new solar shingles last week. The company contracted with Beldon Roofing Company, Quality Roofing and Ja-Mar Roofing to install its patented solar shingles on homes in Austin and San Antonio. The contracts allow Dow to enter its third market. The company launched its […] Read more

Geostellar: Mapping Your Roof’s Solar Potential

Geostellar wants to map the potential for solar on every residential and commercial property in the US (and eventually, the world) and is working with satellite imagery company GeoEye to do so. The model shows a property’s roof slope, shadows and weather patterns, combined with local utility rates and incentives, to determine how quickly a property owner can recoup an […] Read more

In Focus: 3D Solar Cells

Solar technology is in itself a relatively ‘young’ energy source compared to fossil fuels when it comes to generating electricity out of it. But the power of the sun is what has shaped our planet and sustained life from the day it came into existence, and, in that regard it is the oldest and definitely […] Read more

In Focus: Solar Rebates in Australia

The government in Australia has made it very easy to participate in the renewable energy boom and add solar power to your home or business. Australia has made a commitment to achieve 20 percent renewable energy in the nation by 2020. To do that, homeowners and business owners alike can add solar power to their […] Read more

Solar: Leasing vs. Buying

Look out! The Solar Leasing Police are on the prowl and they think you’re an idiot for leasing a solar system instead of buying it. Are you? Well, first, we absolutely detest the condescending paternalism of the anti-leasing crowd many of whom we’re guessing probably don’t even have solar themselves (could it be because they […] Read more

The New York Power Authority Goes Solar

The New York Power Authority announced this week that it is dedicating $30 million to research and development work aimed at reducing the cost of solar energy. The authority’s new Solar Market Acceleration program will spend $30 million over five years in a first-of-its-kind statewide program. “This is in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s push […] Read more