27 Nov

MIT Engineers Develop Solar Funneling Technology

Cooler Planet

MIT engineers have created a model which solar energy can be more efficient and effective …

02 Nov

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Cells Made From Carbon


Stanford University researchers have built a solar cell made completely from carbon, which will make solar much …

30 Oct

Software: The Future of Solar?

Go Green Solar

Solar power is notorious for being one of the most fluctuating sources of renewable energy. …

19 Jul

Spraying Solar Reflective Chemicals From High Altitude Balloons

2050 Magazine

Engineers from Harvard University are planning to conduct tests to measure the effects and consequences …

26 May

Solar Cell Efficiency Breathrough from Northwestern University Researchers


A team of researchers at the Northwestern University has advanced up with an innovative breakthrough …

18 May

Carbon Sequestering Ceramic Membrane Technology Tested at MIT


In what is a new twist, researchers are claiming that one of the ways to …

16 May

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Powered Bionic Eye


A retinal implant or a bionic eye has been developed by scientists at Stanford University …

01 May

Virginia: Clean Energy Mecca?

Energy Boom

Researchers assessing the state’s potential for renewable energy say Virginia could realistically meet half of …

28 Apr

FUTUREWATCH: Self Assembling Plastic Nanofibers


A research team under the collective leadership of Nicolas Giuseppone and Bernard Doudin, successful created …

27 Apr

Printable Liquid Solar Cells Developed at USC


What would we do without nanotechnology and its potential for great things? Allowing us to …

26 Apr

1st All Plastic Solar Cell Created at Georgia Tech


Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a technique that could soon become a universal method …

23 Apr

In Focus: Photochemical Upconversion


In recent years, the efficiency of the traditional silicon solar cells has been improving, but …