31 Aug

Mitt Romney Loves Fossil Fuels

The Green Market Oracle

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “new” energy plan, relies on 19th century fossil fuel technology. …

15 Jul

Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy?

Green Chip Stocks

Think only liberals support renewable energy? Not a chance. You know who supports renewable energy? …

06 Jun

Coincidence? Top 10 Clean Energy States are Democratic

It’s not deliberately politically tilted, but a recently released clean energy ranking by Clean Edge, …

26 Apr

In Focus: Mitt Romney’s Energy Plan

Greentech Media

The Romney platform is called “Believe in America: Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic …

30 Mar

GOP Fights Removal of Oil Subsidies

The Green Market Oracle

Republicans have rejected a bill that would have killed tax breaks for big oil companies. …

20 Mar

What Failed GOP Presidential Candidates think about Climate Change

The Green Market Oracle

Republican’s confusion on climate change is well known, but this ignorance is not only a …

07 Mar

Republican Governors Warming Up to Green

The Green Market Oracle

Unlike members of the GOP vying for public office Republican governors see value in supporting …

28 Feb

Not All Republicans are Wind Power Haters

Green Chip Stocks

There is no doubt in my mind that if every state in the U.S. had …

22 Feb

Rick Santorum is Anti-Environment

The Green Market Oracle

Republican presidential front runner Rick Santorum said President Barack Obama subscribes to a theological worldview …

28 Jan

What Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney Have Planned for U.S Energy

Greentech Media

Although the GOP presidential primary race remains fluid, the front-runners are now Newt Gingrich, fresh …

23 Dec

The Koch Brother’s Ties to GOP Presidential Candidates

The Green Market Oracle

Oil billionaires David and Charles Koch use their oil wealth to misinform Americans and influence …

25 Sep

House of Representives: Official Renewable Energy HATERS


The Republican-dominated House of Representives passed the previously defeated stopgap spending measure last night that would …