15 Aug

What Clean Energy Bubble?

Energy Boom

There was a clever headline in the satirical newspaper The Onion last week that wouldn’t …

13 Aug

Thanks Clean Energy! U.S Power Plant Emissions Down


An analysis of 2010 emissions data from the top 100 US power producers illustrates the …

31 Jul

What if the Energy Experts are Wrong?

Green Chip Stocks

Here’s a good article by Robert Rapier, an extremely senior journalist in the energy industry. …

30 Jul

NREL: Solar Has Biggest Potential

Climate Progress

A recently released study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, estimates that the technical potential …

24 Jul

California Utility Renewables: 20.6% in 2011

Greentech Media

The newest numbers show that California’s three investor-owned utilities (IOUs) were at 20.6 percent renewables …

15 Jul

Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy?

Green Chip Stocks

Think only liberals support renewable energy? Not a chance. You know who supports renewable energy? …

09 Jul

In Focus: Investing in Renewable Energy


Besides being good for the planet, investing in renewable energyis a rapidly emerging trend among …

06 Jul

In Focus: California Energy Use

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Californians are poised for a more functional, data-driven model for setting the prices people pay …

13 Jun

Solar Passes Wind as #1 Renewable Energy Investment


Not only did solar installations soar in the US this past quarter, but solar surpassed …

11 Jun

Can California Make it to 12K MW of Distributed Generation?

Greentech Media

California Governor Jerry Brown wants 12.000 megawatts of distributed generation (DG) to be part of …

10 Jun

The Big Tunas Get It: GE, Buffett, Google, Apple go the Clean Energy Route

Climate Progress

Google is backing it. So is Warren Buffett, America’s most-watched investor. GE, one of the …

09 Jun

Integrating Renewables into the Electric Generation Resource Mix


We recently posted the following graph (of California ISO Hourly Breakdown of Total Production by …