04 Nov

Microsoft Joins The “Renewable Energy Purchase” Club


Microsoft is using money from its corporate carbon fee for its first major renewable energy purchase – it …

29 Oct

Solar PV and Energy Storage The Time is Now

The Solarserver

June 16th, 2013 was a big day for renewable energy in Europe. On this sunny, …

25 Oct

Chicago to Speed Up Solar Permitting

Cooler Planet

The Windy City is about to get a whole lot sunnier: At the Solar Power …

23 Oct

India Throws $10 Billion at Smart Grid

Greentech Media

India has a power grid that is ripe for renovation and transformation. More than a …

23 Oct

100% Renewable Energy: Is It Possible?


100% renewable energy to some may sound like nothing more than a pipe dream, but …

15 Oct

Institutional Investors LOVE Renewable Energy


Central banks around the world have kept interest rates extremely low to spur economic growth …

14 Oct

5 Coolest Department of Defense Solar Project in Development


In 2012, the Department of Defense announced its goal to deploy three gigawatts of renewable …

04 Oct

Shared Renewable Energy Program Welcomed in Orlando


America has long questioned whether or not customers would be interested in renewable energy as …

27 Sep

Solar Install Soft Costs: Getting them Down

Cooler Planet

A recurring headline in the solar world for the last few years has been the …

26 Sep

In Focus: Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff Changes

Cooler Planet

Since the province of Ontario’s municipal government passed its Green Energy Act in 2009, the …

27 Aug

127 Countries Greenlight Renewable Energy Policies


A total of 127 countries have enacted policies to encourage the development of renewable energy …

20 Aug

Cyber-Attack Hits U.S Energy Grid

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

If Ben Franklin lived today, he might say that nothing is certain but death, taxes …