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In Focus: SolarCity’s Securitized Portfolio

In Focus: SolarCity’s Securitized Portfolio

Last week we reported on a bit of a solar financing milestone — when solar installer and financier SolarCity announced its intent to offer a private placement of $54.4 million of an “aggregate principal amount of Solar Asset Backed Notes.” That language may not be titilating to everyone — but it means we’ve entered the


Treehouse’s One-Stop Shop for Solar

Few people walk into a car dealership and ask to see all of the 2.0 liter engines or only the 200 horsepower cars. Those technical specs are important, but most people shop by model, price or features. Yet homeowners that want to install solar panels often find themselves buried in a mound of technical details


How The DOE is Taking Care of Solar

In the history of our country, our government has repeatedly been willing to invest and take risk in unproven technologies that have radically transformed our country. Technologies from GPS, radar, internet, and many others all started in the labs of government buildings and soon were used by the general public. The Department of Energy (DoE) has


50 GW Solar Production: A 2014 Reality?

For the first time, the amount of solar photovoltaic modules manufactured across the world could break the 50 gigawatt barrier. That’s according to NPD Solarbuzz’s PV Equipment Quarterly report, which predicts that PV production will rise 10 gigawatts higher than last year’s  production of 39.7 GWs. The report also found that the production of multicrystalline-silicon


Rock Music Increases Solar Panel Output

Playing pop and rock music improves the performance of solar cells, according to new research from scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London. Scientists showed that high pitched sounds like those common in pop and rock music caused the greatest improvement in the solar cells’ power output, increasing it by up


Microsoft Joins The “Renewable Energy Purchase” Club

Microsoft is using money from its corporate carbon fee for its first major renewable energy purchase – it is buying all the output from a wind farm in Texas. Last year, the company began charging business divisions for the carbon they emit. Besides encouraging greater focus on efficiency inside the corporation, the money is used for efficiency projects and now, to buy renewable


Solar PV and Energy Storage The Time is Now

June 16th, 2013 was a big day for renewable energy in Europe. On this sunny, windy Sunday afternoon in the summer, solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind peaked at over 60% of Germany’s electricity demand between 2 and 3 PM. The same afternoon, Italy’s hydroelectric, PV, biomass, geothermal and wind plants met the nation’s entire electricity


Chicago to Speed Up Solar Permitting

The Windy City is about to get a whole lot sunnier: At the Solar Power International conference this week, mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the creation of “Chicago Solar Express,” a one-day permitting process for new residential solar installations. The new process includes a streamlined permit form for both residential solar as well as commercial solar


India Throws $10 Billion at Smart Grid

India has a power grid that is ripe for renovation and transformation. More than a third of the nation’s grid electricity is lost to power theft and inefficiencies, and that doesn’t include the half of the population that has no grid electricity at all. For those who do, daily blackouts are a common occurrence, and


100% Renewable Energy: Is It Possible?

100% renewable energy to some may sound like nothing more than a pipe dream, but in reality, it already exists.  As giant countries like China, America, & India continue to pump out never ending streams of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, small, low-elevation islands are at risk of serious damage from rising sea levels

Institutional Investors LOVE Renewable Energy

Central banks around the world have kept interest rates extremely low to spur economic growth since the financial crisis of 2008. This has left fixed income investors searching for investments with higher rates of return to replace the yield lost from the current global interest rate regime. Liability driven investors, like pension plans and insurance


5 Coolest Department of Defense Solar Project in Development

In 2012, the Department of Defense announced its goal to deploy three gigawatts of renewable power and meet 25% of its energy needs with renewable energy by 2025 – enough to power 750,000 homes. Each armed forces department has separate timelines to reach their individual goals of one gigawatt of power (Air Force – 2016,


Shared Renewable Energy Program Welcomed in Orlando

America has long questioned whether or not customers would be interested in renewable energy as a source of energy. This question has found its answer as all around the nation as utility companies and consumers rework the grid to add in more renewable energy sources. Florida is famously known as the “Sunshine State”, so the


Solar Install Soft Costs: Getting them Down

A recurring headline in the solar world for the last few years has been the steady drop in the costs to manufacture solar panels and other solar hardware — the so-called “hard costs” of solar. Since 2011, the cost to make a solar panel has dropped by 60 percent At the same time, prices for