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Blame The Germans: Solar Stocks Nosedive

Blame The Germans: Solar Stocks Nosedive

After installing a record 7.5 gigawatts of solar last year in Germany, almost twice the target, the government announced it would cut solar feed-in payments once again to reduce skyrocketing costs. Although the news was widely expected, solar stocks dived on the world markets, also once again. Representatives of Germany’s solar industry met with government officials to find ways to address

Red States and Green Consumers

Republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections mean that many previously bluestates have become red states, but that does not mean that shoppers areany less green. Consumers in both red and blue states buy green. Shortly before the midterms an analysis of shopping data by Catalina Marketing revealed that some of the reddest states at


Solar on the Red House?

Is Trinidad’s minister of the environment trying to one up PresidentObama?  On Tuesday, Minister Roodal Moonilal announced that he willexplore the use of solar power on government buildings.  Trinidad is asmall, developing island nation whose GDP is less than half of onepercent that of the U.S.  Trinidad is rich in oil and natural gas, butthat

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Still Seeing Red

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) continues to post steep losses and hasn’tcome close to a profit in nearly two years now.  After the bell today,the company posted nearly $100 million in losses, but more than half ofthat was related to a big write off related to the investment inSovello.  Still, it equates to a .20/share loss after

California Solar Developers Ask For Red Tape Reduction

California solar energy plant developers asked the Renewable EnergyPolicy Group this past Friday if environmental approval processes couldbe sped up, since projects are making little to no progress towardstheir 2010 construction goals–goals that must be reached if theprojects are to qualify for specific federal funds. This frustrationwith the slow pace of approval has become something

Solar Red – Finally some PV Innovation on the roof

Residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems potential in the USalone is a half a trillion dollar market; yet only 13,000 residentialinstallations were completed in the US in 2007, out of 73 million homes(.0002%). There are many reasons for this lack of adoption, for whatshould be a very popular technology: Installation requires a significant amount of expert