26 Feb

Keystone XL Decision: Oil and Gas Industry, Obama Administration in Bed


This past week was good to the oil and gas industry. First, President Obama talked up jobs gains from drilling and labeled natural gas a “bridge fuel” in his State of the Union address, using terminology favored by natural gas advocates. Then, on…

12 Dec

The World’s First F1-Inspired Electric Superbike


It’s been called peculiar, outrageous, and even bison-esque. Everyone may have a different opinion on …

02 Dec

How to Green Old Electronic Gadgets


With the ever-rising level of technology it’s easy to build up quite the stock of …

21 Nov

10 Reasons to Use Geothermal Energy


Awareness of the environmental drawbacks of fossil fuels—coal, oil and natural gas—is on the rise. …

14 Oct

Green Business Development: New Technologies


The green movement has made everyone realize just how much damage we’re doing to the …

23 Sep

In Focus: Celebrity Solar Homes

One Block Off the Grid

Celebrities have an economy all their own. Buying homes, renovating them, renovating them again… or …

06 Sep

Does Solar = Growth for Africa?


Solar energy – African economies’ secret weapon. This was the headline of an article published …

20 Aug

3-D Printing + Recycling = The Future

Greentech Media

In the future, if you need a new smartphone case, you might not have to …

19 Jun

Reduce Your Global Footprint and Energy Consumption


Current methods of electrical energy generation consume large amounts of non-renewable resources and emit considerable …

07 Jun

The Waka Waka Solar Mobile Phone Charger


It’s not uncommon to find yourself with a drained mobile phone battery. And if your …

06 Jun

Solar Lighting: 5 Issues


Solar lights are very practical items to get to grips with; however there are a …

16 May

5 Promising Eco Careers


Businesses everywhere recognize their responsibility as global citizens to safeguard and conserve the earth’s resources …