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PV Industry Recovery: Is It Happening?

PV Industry Recovery: Is It Happening?

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has been struggling for almost two years. Massive over-capacity and slower-than-anticipated market growth caused by changes in European feed-in tariffs led to a collapse in prices and consistently negative margins across the value chain. This in turn led to a number of insolvencies, layoffs and acquisitions, particularly in Europe.

Report on the Recovery Act Promises Lower Cost of Solar

Vice President Joe Biden yesterday helped release a report (PDF) describing how the Recovery Act has bolstered the economy — andspecifically highlighting its effect on innovation in key sectors liketransportation, healthcare, and, yes, renewable energy. The reportboasts 50 pages of data and analysis, but it lacks the kind ofcompelling headlines that might really restore public confidence

G20 Must Cooperate for a Sustainable Recovery

Although the global financial crisis revealed the interconnectedness ofthe modern economy, it also underscored the importance of internationalcooperation. The G20 is the best international body to address theseissues. The Toronto G20 meeting was billed as a final checkup toensure agreements reached in Pittsburgh would be finalized at a November gathering in Korea, where leaders would


UN Chief Asks G20 to Focus on a Sustainable Recovery

Leaders of the group of 20 developing countries (G20)are scheduled to meet in Toronto, Canada, June 26-27, to discuss therecovery of the world economy and the reform of the internationalfinancial system in the aftermath of the global crisis. According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, G20 leaders should focus onenvironment-friendly measures to promote global economic recovery.

First Solar Continues It’s Recovery $FSLR

Insider buying at First Solar (FSLR) continues to mark a near-term bottomin the stock, but the recovery from February’s post-earnings losses hasunfolded much more slowly than I expected. FSLR is up 18% since printing a bottom on February 25, the day before FSLR’s CEO and EVP of Marketing & Product Management purchased a combined $1.2M

New Report on Benefits of Recovery Act for Clean Energy Small Businesses

The report highlights 26 small businesses in a range of clean energytechnologies, such as wind, solar, biofuels, along with critical newinfrastructure, like Smart Grid, advanced batteries, energy storage, and energy efficiency tools. It also notes small businesses that arehelping advance responsible environmental clean-up efforts. “Small business are the backbone of job creation in this country


Cleantech Industry Benefits from Global Recovery

California-based smart grid company Silver Spring Networks Inc. announced an initial public offering (IPO) planned for midyear.  The IPO will be underwritten by Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Jefferies & Co (NYSE: JEF).  Silver Spring already boasts about $250 million in investments, including backing from Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, whose portfolio


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds California Solar

The California Recovery Task Force announced todaythat $110 million of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)funds will go towards energy efficiency and solar within the state. Themoney travels quite a path from the federal DOE to the State EnergyProgram to the SEP’s Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit and MunicipalFinancing Programs. These funds will support 1,100 new jobs

Fear and Anxiety Over Feed-in Tariffs Accelerate PV Market Recovery

The PV market more than recovered in Q3’09, in fact, it reached newhighs in quarterly revenues for some layers of the supply chain asshown in Figure 1. In addition, the weak seasonality that many analystspredicted from December through March of 2010 is no longer expected,price reductions are slowing and margins are projected to increasethrough the

Why an economic recovery will increase solar panels costs

As the world economies begin their slow recovery fromthe credit crunch, what does this mean for a solar panel industry in itsinfancy? Stuart Lovatt from Heat my Home says, “Over thelast 5 years we have seen solar manufacturing and installations costs increase,due to rising cost of energy for manufacture, resources, materials andmanufacturing costs generally is

Sharp Foresees Solar Recovery in 2010

The solar industry’s recovery is just over the horizon, with helpfrom U.S. stimulus funds, new government projects and new methods offinancing—or that’s how an executive from solar powerhouse Sharp Corp. sees it, anyway. “I call it a warming up,” Ron Kenedi, vice president ofSharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, said in an interview [earliertoday] at the