06 Jul

Connecticut Solar Rebate Returns

This past December, we reportedthat funding for Connecticut’s solar rebate program had run dry. Sixmonths …

22 Jun

5 Reasons Why Solar is Now Affordable

Solar Fred

Everyoneknows that solar is a great renewable resource, but there’s amisconception out there that it’s …

15 Jun

Xcel May Offer Solar Rebates in Minnesota

A little over a week ago, Excel Energy publicized details of athree-year program to conserve …

08 Jun

Texas Shelves Solar Rebate Plan

Several weeks ago, we relayed news that Texas was to launch a statewide solar incentive …

04 Jun

Progress energy increasing solar rebates

Go Green Solar

ProgressEnergy, a utility company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina whichserves over 3 million customers …

12 May

California Solar Rebates Jump

Greentech Media

The number of solar energy installations in California shot upnearly three-fold during the first four …

04 May

More on Texas solar rebates

Texas — which already leads the country in wind generation — is jockeying to become …