22 Mar

Solar Rebates Applied $AMAT

Cleantech, Applied

The decision to put a solar array on your homerooftop is not always straight forward. …

26 Feb

Update: Solar Rebates in Nevada


By Matt Turville, HelioPower Solar Consultant in Nevada On February 17 I posted on overview …

18 Feb

Solar Rebates Shine On in Nevada


The Nevada Solar Rebates are coming back! The Nevada Public Utilities Commission approved new regulationsfor …

22 Jan

California OKs $350M in Solar Hot Water Rebates

TheCalifornia Public Utilities Commission yesterday approved $350 millionin rebates to encourage homeowners and businesses to …

20 Jan

New York Solar Rebates Funded Through 6/10

Holding to a firm tradition of supporting solar energy within NewYork, the Public Service Commission …

29 Dec

Hawaii Solar Rebates and Tax Incentives – Updated!

Solar Power Rocks

Aloha, solar powered Hawaii people! We’ve just updated our Hawaii solar incentives and rebates page.It’s …

18 Dec

Pending Approval, Xcel to Offer Solar Rebates in Minnesota

Minnesotans looking to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system have reason to be hopeful for …

29 Oct

Xcel Proposes Reducing its Solar Rebates by $0.50


On Tuesday, Xcel announced that they are planning to reduce thesolar energy rebates by $0.50 …

09 Oct

NY Solar Rebates to Expire Soon

New York currently offers its residents one of the best solar incentive packagesin the country: …

02 Oct

Another $9.5 Million to Go Towards Colorado Renewable Energy Rebates


On September 30, 2009 Governor Bill Ritter held a conference callwith U.S. Energy Secretary, Steven …

18 Sep

New Jersey Solar Rebates, SRECS, and Incentives

Solar Power Rocks

New Jersey gets bad wrap about a lotof things.  All those turnpike exits, and that …

29 Jul

Holy Cross Electric adds $250,000 to Solar Rebate Program


Holy Cross Electric in Colorado has announced an additional $250,000 in solar rebates for 2009. …