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A Look at Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

A Look at Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

Thermal processes are vital to the making of an integrated circuit. By heating the silicon wafer chipmaker can drive chemical reactions tomodify crystal structures, diffuse trace elements and grow toughinsulating films – making devices faster, tougher and more reliable. Up until the late nineties, these processes were usually performed on many wafers at a time

Report Cites Rapid Growth in PV Iindustry

Solar panels are becoming as attractive to investors as they are tohomeowners in light of recent data showing how much the industry hasbeen growing. According to the recent report from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, the global solarphotovoltaic electricity market saw its installed capacity rise above 22 gigawatts in 2009, gaining 7.2 gigawatts last year

Are Solar Thermal Markets Set for Rapid Growth?

California recently approved the decisionof a state-wide solar heating program consisting of almost $360 million financialincentives and market development funding by 2018. This initiative willsoon be followed by rest of the country that lagged behind the world ininstalling solar thermal systems. Global statistics show that the solar thermal industry is taking large steps in fulfilling

Solar’s rapid evolution makes energy planners rethink the grid

Despite the many uses and high demand for Mobile Solar Power Systemsas a diesel generator alternative, Pure Power has diverse interest andactivity in all things solar, especially, of course, rooftops. From arecent e-newsletter from Grist: “…In short, panel prices have plummeted so much as to make viablethe prospect of generating electricity from rooftops and photovoltaicfarms built near