11 Jan

Disney: Discontinuing Pro-Fracking School Tour

Scaling Green

Sometimes, the actual news seems more like an Onion parody. This is a great example. Radio Disney …

18 Oct

FUTUREWATCH: Ultra-High Resolution, Low Power Displays

Cleantech, Applied

Display devices that require higher resolution are typically greater than 300 pixels-per-inch and call for …

21 Aug

Why Solar Needs Snowden

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

So before this turns into a debate about patriot vs. traitor let’s just say that …

12 Aug

NY Times: “Clean Car Boom” is Here

Scaling Green

As we noted the other day, “this is a good time to be in the …

26 Jul

Berkeley Engineers Develop Cheap III-V Thin Film Production Method

The Daily Fusion

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed an inexpensive method of growing thin …

11 Apr

Confimed Shrinkage: Solar Venture Capital Funding


The amount of venture capital (VC)—early-stage funding with higher risks, but high potential returns—going to …

01 Oct

The 2012 Election: It’s All About Energy

Greentech Media

Recently, GTM asked how the results of the 2012 election will impact U.S. greentech, but …

03 Nov

Top 5 Radio Stations Run on Solar Power


Solar energy is so popular and cost effective that there are several radio stations in …

12 Feb

China’s Lead on Green Energy Technology: My Interview on Minnesota Public Radio

The Green Leap Forward

Earlier this week I appeared on Minnesota Public Radio with Georgetown University’s Joanna Lewisfor 45 …

01 Dec

Flexio Solar FM Radio


Withgadgets like the iPod reducing radio usage to a minimum, there are afew who believe …

13 Oct

Solar Radio by Gratzel


Life without color is as dry as a design without innovation. ProfMichael Gratzel’s Heilo DAB …